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Worthington welcomes Regatta-goers with new decorative signage

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe New signs, like this one on South Shore Drive, are in place welcoming visitors to Worthington.

WORTHINGTON -- If you have traveled past the "Welcome to Worthington" signs recently, you may have noticed an added embellishment.

During the holiday seasons, the Community Improvement Committee, a branch of the Chamber of Commerce, puts up different boards next to the welcome signs to display the season.

"In the winter we put up snowmen. For Turkey Day we have turkeys up," explained Susanne Murphy of the Community Improvement Committee.

Now, windsurfing-themed signs have been added to welcome the oncoming flood of windsurfers for the Regatta, which begins today and continues through Sunday.

"We talked to Hagen Distributing. They donated all of the products for the signs."

Kris Tutje, employee of Hagen Distributing, designed the signs.

"We were going to make a windsurfer out of plywood, but we thought it would look pretty cheesy," said Murphy. "Hagen Distributing did a really classy job."

One of these signs can be observed at Slater Park. Due to the construction on Minnesota 60, the "Welcome to Worthington" sign is never seen.

"We thought it'd be appropriate to put it up at Slater Park because of the Regatta run. This way, everyone can see it," Murphy explained.

It would be fairly hard to miss. The bright blue sign stands facing South Shore Drive and is centered against the flower garden.

"We just wanted to say 'Welcome to our great home!'" Murphy said.