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DFL endorses Cheryl Avenel-Navara

Cheryl Avenel-Navara

WORTHINGTON -- Cheryl Avenel-Navara was recently endorsed by the DFL to run for the State House of Representatives in District 22B, according to a press release received Monday at the Daily Globe.

Avenel-Navara is a more than 35-year resident of Worthington and a former counselor at Minnesota West Community and Technical College. Since her retirement, she has been actively involved in volunteering in the community.

In her introductory comments to the convention, she emphasized that she was not a politician, just a citizen concerned about "common sense, compromise and an emphasis on the common good." She also stated that she is someone who "believes that moderation and cooperation are not dirty words, never to be used in politics. I will bring a can-do attitude to the Legislature. I believe in working together to get things done."

Having lived in Worthington for 35 years, Avenel-Navara has seen the changes that have occurred not only in the city but throughout the region. She believes that we have much to be proud of.

"We have theater, art, music, community festivals and events, and a good college for not only our young people to attend, but for those who have been laid off and need to refresh or learn new skills," Avenel-Navara noted.

She also mentioned the local school systems as worthy of praise for working hard to bring all their students up to the levels dictated by the state standards. As a proponent of the International Festival and diversity, Avenel-Navara touts the achievements of the region in welcoming new arrivals, and helping them become accustomed to the area. She is also proud of all the volunteering that takes place in southwest Minnesota and the caring attitude that so many citizens put into action helping others.

Avenel-Navara said the talents she brings for "seeing the trees and the forest, negotiation, listening and advocating for the best interests of our region" will be much in need during the next biennium, during which she said it's estimated that the state will see a $4.5 billion shortfall.

"We can't cut ourselves out of this problem," she said. "All cuts do is remove even more money from the local economy, as there are fewer people who provide services to all of us. We have been very fortunate to have good people locally who have made do with less (LGA) money. But at some point you get to diminishing returns."

When asked why she chose to run, Avenel-Navara cited the state shutdown that occurred last July 1, the gridlock in St Paul and the "my way or no way" attitude of so many in the Legislature.