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County roads used as detours face repairs

WORTHINGTON -- With multiple road construction projects taking place with the Minnesota 60 four-lane expansion project, several Nobles County roads are handling the additional traffic as signed detour routes.

During Tuesday's Nobles County Commissioners meeting, Public Works Director Stephen Schnieder said those detour routes are being maintained by the state during the construction process.

There has been a "significant amount of money spent by the state" on repairing County State Aid Highways 4 and 5, Schnieder told the board, adding that the state will be responsible for restoring the roadway once the detour has ended.

"The amount of restoration work will depend on the condition of the roadway when they get finished," Schnieder said. "It's not going to mean we're going to have a whole new overlay on the roadway. We're probably going to end up with something better than what we had, but it's not going to lead to a whole new road."

During the period when the CSAH 4 and 5 detour was removed and traffic was diverted onto CSAH 13, through Rushmore, MnDOT agreed to compensate the county $20,000. Schnieder said there were some costs for milling and patching areas of that roadway once the detour was shifted back. MnDOT has since agreed to also do some patching on that road after the county mills the damaged areas.

CSAH 13 is scheduled for an overlay in 2016, and the work this year is hoped to prolong the life of the road.

Schnieder said the county is still waiting for money from MnDOT from the turnback of the old Minnesota 60 roadway in Bigelow. Approximately $2.3 million is expected.

"That will free up some money for us to do some significant road work in other areas of the county," Schnieder added.

Julie Buntjer

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