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Street work begins Thursday around city

WORTHINGTON -- Seal coat work on various city streets is tentatively scheduled to begin Thursday. Seal coat work will last roughly one hour per street location.

All streets other than Industrial Lane and Stower Drive will be closed to traffic during seal coating. Work can occur any time between 7a.m. and 8 p.m. Please do not park on the streets, and also relocate any sump pump water discharge from seal coat streets until the project is completed.

Weather permitting and construction proceeding as planned, these listed streets should be seal coated on before Friday.

The following are seal coat street locations:

* Spring Avenue: Cecilee Street to Service Road

* Cedar Avenue: Douglas Avenue to Clifton Avenue

* Clifton Avenue: East Avenue to Spruce Avenue

* Douglas Avenue: near East Avenue to south of Spruce Avenue

* Spruce Avenue: Douglas Avenue to drainage ditch

* Woodcrest Avenue: Nobles Street thru cul-de-sac

* Pleasant Avenue: South Shore Drive to First Avenue S.W.

* Indian Hill Road: Pleasant Avenue to Linda Lane

* Woodland Court: Knollwood Drive thru cul-de-sac

* Buchanan Court: Sterling Drive to the west

* Industrial Lane: westerly 1000 feet

* Stower Drive: McMillan Street to Ryans's Road

* 13th Street: Clary Street north to County Ditch No. 12