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Talent at Jackson County Fair

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Emma Parriott (left) and Kenna Kabele, both 10, pet a Dromedary Camel at the exotic animal exhibit Saturday afternoon at the Jackson County Fair.1 / 3
The trio of Rebecca Dose (from left) Hannah Guggisberg and Nick Reed perform during the Talent Contest Saturday afternoon at the Jackson County Fair. Dose placed first and Reed second for individual performances in the teen division.2 / 3
Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Josephine Nunez performs a vocal solo during Saturday afternoon's talent show at the Jackson County Fair.3 / 3

JACKSON -- Does Jackson County have talent?

As a matter of fact, it does.

There were numerous acts at the 2012 Jackson County Fair Talent Contest, all of which happened to use music in one way or another.

In the pre-teen division, Trinity Gordon placed third and Sierra Pankratz placed second, both with piano solos. Callie Coleman took first with her vocal solo, "Set Fire to the Rain," originally by Adele.

Rebecca Dose, who was entered in the teen division, got first place with her piano and vocal solo, "Jar of Hearts."

"I've been singing for as long as I can remember," Dose said.

Two years ago, Dose competed in the Jackson County Talent Contest with a friend. Now she'll be going to the Minnesota State Fair to represent the Jackson County teen division in the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest.

Nick Reed, who performed "River Flows in You" by Yiruma, placed 2nd. Reed has been playing piano since he was in the 2nd grade. He also got the idea of putting together a trio for the contest.

Consisting of Reed on piano, Dose on vocals, and Hannah Guggisberg on violin, the three performed a song from the musical "Once", earning them the third place slot in the teen division.

"We're all friends, we all go to the same school, Jackson County Central," Reed said. "I found this piano piece and I learned it, and then I got the idea of a trio, and I thought of that song."

The trio practiced for about a month and a half with the help of Lori Grote, a substitute teacher who also gives music lessons to the community.

"It was fifty-fifty between practicing and talking," Reed said with laugh. "We spent a lot of time goofing off."

Josephine Nunez and Kayla Mekosch also performed vocal solos in the teen division.

In the open division, there were several vocal solos. Jay Behrends also performed Musical Karatekata to Miley Cyrus' song, "The Climb."

However, it was a yodeling act by Tom Pashke that landed first place in the open division.

Pashke ended up performing a capella, as his soundtrack wouldn't play. He performed "She taught me how to Yodel."

"You just start singing and let your vocal chords backfire," Pashke said.

All of the first place winners in each division are eligible to go to the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest.

Lindsay Loham, Piglet, and Gov. Arnold Scnorzenhauger, along with some of their other friends, were also at the fair.

"These are highly trained and highly skilled professional athletes," announced Kevin Vogel of Sanborn.

Vogel was referring to the pigs, which were ready to race around the track towards the finish line, where a Nabisco Oreo cookie awaited.

There were three divisions-men's, women's and politicians, each with three pigs for the race.

As soon as the gate opened, the three pigs dashed out of the pen, only stopping to sniff the grass, as the crowd cheered them on and made bets on the winning pig.

While the races were short, they were also interesting to watch.

Vogel owns the pig racing, as well as the Exotic Animal Show that was just around the corner.

Complete with a camel, red kangaroos, a brahma and other exotic animals, the exhibit allowed people to pet and feed the animals.

"Honey, you can't feed him that," one mother said, as her young daughter attempted to get a kangaroo to eat a woodchip from her hand.

The Jackson County 4-H Clubs also wanted to publicly thank Jim Nesseth and Sheldon Johnson for their help and support.

Daily Globe Reporter Brianna Darling may be reached at 376-7321.