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On the ballot 2012: Richard Muyskens

Name: Richard Muyskens

Occupation: I ran a contracting and construction business for 27 years in Pipestone County and am now the groundskeeper and maintenance for Pipestone County.

What prompted you to run for county commissioner? Presently working at the county, I have seen a first-hand look at the way the county operates and the way our tax dollars are spent. I have seen wasteful spending. There have been bad decisions on buildings that are built and not maintained. There is a lack of trust within departments and with each other in the county. I would like to acknowledge other opinions, listen to the public and work to benefit all -- in and out of office. I would use the common sense approach to wisely spend the taxpayer's hard eaned dollars to benefit all.

Do you have experience in leadership or local government? I was in the Army, where I was sergeant over 30 guys and I enjoyed working with each of the troops that were under my command. I was in construction for 27 years and had up to 5 or more employees which gave me experience with budgeting, facing difficult situations and problem solving. I have also been on local church boards and committees.

What do you think is the most important issue in your county? My main priority would be to work as a trusted member of a county that works together heart and soul -- truthful to each other -- open to the public, working to resolve issues, determinied to make Pipestone County a united government. I would strive for a stronger and better trust in each other and be open to feedback for better government from the public, staff, department heads and elected officials. I would like there to be openness to cities, townships and the whole county. I would provide a common sense approach to what is best for all.

Did the recent redistricting influence your decision to run: Redistricting did not influence my decision to run for commissioner. I ran for county commissioner four years ago.