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On the ballot 2012: Erv Pribyl

Name: Erv Pribyl. Spouse is Jacqui. Children: Erin Swenson, Guy Pribyl, Tammy Holmbo, Nick Werich and Shellie Werich.

Occupation: Owned and operated the Homestead in Pipestone.

What prompted you to run for county commissioner? For many reason, including the closing of the Ashton Care Center, the tearing down of the Transit Building, taking away from the Seniors by releasing the director, Donna Straw, the amount of money spent on the Welfare Office Building and the Ambulance Building, filling in the Racetrack at the fairground, tearing down the old Everson Building which they just paid $78,000 for, building a tree barn and building a new solid waste building $280,000 to replace the Everson building which they tour down.