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On the Ballot 2012: Richard Erickson

Name: Richard Erickson

Occupation: I am a farmer in Minneota Township. I milked cows for 30 years, and now I have beef cattle with my son.

What prompted you to run for county commissioner? I have had the interest in it for awhile. I feel I'm at the point in my life I can dedicate the time to do the quality job that the position requires.

Do you have experience in leadership or local government? I have experience on different boards such as serving for 12 years on the Minneota Township Board; 15 years Lakefield and JCC School Board; 10 years on the Jackson County Zoning and Planning Board; and I have held various positions on the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Council.

What do you think is the most important issue in your county? I think our roads and infrastructure and the services we all appreciate are always at the top of the list.

Doing it all efficiently without burden on our residents is always the challenge. I'm not running with one issue that I'm trying to solve. I hope to be there to help anyone with whatever the needs are. Best interest of everyone in the county is my goal.

Did the recent redistricting influence your decision to run? I think that it did play a small part in my decision. I would have chosen to run regardless.