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On the Ballot 2012: Mike Handzus

Name: Mike Handzus

Occupation: Farming

What prompted you to run for county commissioner? After studying the discrepancies that exist between the way county government deals with issues, versus the views of the majority of the individuals that they are elected to represent, I felt that I could no longer sit on the sidelines and not try to make a difference.

Do you have experience in leadership or local government? Even though I had been a supervisor for a company for some time and have driven truck over the road, besides farming, which all have given good life experiences that can be used in the position of county commissioner, I feel the best trait to have is common sence. Fred Thompson would close out his radio program by saying: If common sence is so common why is it so hard to come by!

What do you think is the most important issue in your county? It would be difficult to separate out any one issue (although property taxes would be high on the list) that should be given more prescience over another as each issue that comes before the board may affect a different group of people in a different part of the county, but I do have concerns when individual and property rights are being threatened, such as by the use of eminent domain, permitting fees charged, and more recently arieal pictometry. It is aerial photography that can photograph from multiple angles to measure and show building and property.

Also, I would purpose that a certain amount of time at each commissioner meeting be set aside to allow any individual time to speak to the board about an issue without having to be on the agenda in advance.

All levels of government need to be more open and representative to the people the serve.

Did the recent redistricting influence your decision to run? No, as the issues and problems we face are county wide.