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On the Ballot 2012: William Tusa

Name: William Tusa

Occupation: Farmer

What prompted you to run for county commissioner? I have served on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners since being elected in 2008. I feel the people of our county need someone who is willing to respond to their needs and problems. I feel the people want someone who is willing to create understanding between them and county government and vice versa. I felt that I knew how county government functioned however upon becoming county commissioner I've learned there is a great misunderstanding both from the people of the county and the county departments on how county government needs to respond to any given issue due to laws and mandates which are in place.

Do you have experience in leadership or local government? As I stated I have served on our county board since January of 2009, prior to that I served the people of Middletown Township as treasurer for 9 years. I served 6 years in the Minnesota National Guard, on the Good Shepherd Catholic Church Parish Council on various committees and currently serve as parish trustee.

I have also served on the Jackson County Soybean Growers Board as chairman and on the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce for a number of years.

What do you think is the most important issue in your county? I believe the issue of being able to provide services for the massive baby boomer generation as they retire and require more services will be a huge issue not only for the county but also our state and federal governments. We are going to have to act in innovative ways not only from the government's perspective but also from the people's perspective. I feel I have gained much experience in the last 3½ years in ways to provide help to senior citizens without them becoming burdens for society. I am thinking along the lines of not only housing and in home medical assistance but also meeting nutritional needs and transportation needs of an aging population. I am all for giving people a hand up rather than a hand out.

Did the recent redistricting influence your decision to run? No, District 1 is largely a rural district and has remained so. I did lose one township but picked up 2 others due to redistricting.