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Several work sites in progress in city

WORTHINGTON -- The following are current street construction projects, according to the City of Worthington Engineering Department:

* Elmwood Avenue water main reconstruction (Oxford Street to West Clary Street): Pavement restoration began on Aug. 6; anticipated completion date is Aug. 24.

* 2012 biuminous overlays location: Sherwood Street overlay work tentatively scheduled to beginning Tuesday night.

* Reconstruction of alleys in Block 28 (between Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street and 10th Street): Concrete alley approach work completed, and bituminous pavement work began Wednesday. Bituminous paving tentatively scheduled to begin Tuesday.

* Airport chemical loading pad and storage building: Building structure interior work continues. Chemical pad concrete paving began Thursday and will be completed today.

* Reconstruction of Franklin Street (East Avenue to Murray Avenue) and Sherwood Street (Murray Avenue to Nobles Street): Bituminous paving tentatively scheduled to begin Tuesday.

* Oxford Street water main reconstruction (Smith Avenue at Oxford Street, and on Oxford Street toward Humiston Avenue): Pipe work began Friday and continues.

* Ninth Avenue storm sewer reconstruction (Clement Street west toward Winifred Street): Work began Tuesday; completion expected by late August.