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Turk O' Day

WORTHINGTON -- Every year, it seems like King Turkey Day can't get here soon enough.

It always finally arrives, though, with a full-scale bash, and I'm certain the 2012 version of Worthington's annual celebration will be no different. And while the big day won't be here until Saturday, there will plenty of activities to get us all warmed up -- warm being the key word, as thermometers are supposed to hit the 90-degree mark on Tuesday. (I just might have to find a way to shed a few feathers).

Tonight, as has become customary each year, is the King Turkey Day Mixer from 5 to 9 p.m. at Pioneer Village. Given that the theme for the 2012 KTD bonanza is for "For Those About to Flock," I expect to see people aplenty flocking to the mixer for turkey sandwiches. I'll be far away from the action, as I'm always a little afraid about being carved up if supplies start to dwindle. You can be sure, however, I'll be sneaking peeks at all the fine folks having fun -- and I'm sure I'll have a gobble or two for many of them if they help keep me safe.

Speaking of the mixer, you'll need an official KTD button to get in. If for some reason you haven't gotten one yet, it shouldn't be too difficult to do so. Paycheck's Treasure Chest, located at 203 10th St., is offering the buttons, designed by my non-bird buddy Nate Einck, for five bucks a pop, and you can also get the buttons at the Chamber office as well as other sponsoring business. Not only will you get a great-looking souvenir, but you'll get a book of cool coupons, too.

And, speaking of cool, you'll want to get out good and early before it heats up and start the search for the King Turkey Day medallion.