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KTD Medallion found by local teens

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Medallion finders Tyson Scholtes (left) and Evan Eggers are handed checks from KTD Board of Directors president Brian Almberg Thursday afternoon at the Chamber office in Worthington.

WORTHINGTON -- Worthington High School ninth-graders Tyson Scholtes and Evan Eggers sat through their classes Thursday acting a little more antsy than usual. The two had been in cahoots all week searching for the King Turkey Day Medallion in hopes of winning $100 in Worthington Chamber bucks, and when KTD Clue No. 4 was read before school, they both had a good idea just where the medallion was hidden.

The duo met in their neighborhood after school, grabbed their bicycles and took off for the Puppy Park along First Avenue Southwest in hopes of finding the bronze-colored coin before someone else did.

After searching for several minutes in the park, Scholtes found the medallion sticking out of the dirt near a bench.

"I just seen a turkey and I grabbed it and said, 'Let's go!'" Scholtes said Thursday after turning in the medallion at the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce office at approximately 4 p.m.

The two said they were at the Puppy Park alone, but as they were leaving, more medallion hunters showed up. Eggers said they didn't tell the people they had just found the medallion, opting instead to hit the bike path and drive straight to the Chamber office.

"We kind of took our time -- knowing we had it was just kind of a relief," said Eggers, who celebrated his birthday on Thursday. He was actually born on Turkey Day 15 years ago.

The teens had spent about an hour each day since Monday searching for the medallion, combing through Vogt, Sunset and Olson parks, as well as the frolfing (Frisbee golf) course. They had also searched near Worthington City Council member Mike Kuhle's house, which is just south of the new regional retention pond under construction. The pond was mentioned in KTD Clue No. 3 on Wednesday.

When the fourth clue came out in Thursday's Daily Globe, Scholtes said the line, "And Frisbees float by the path along the bay" was what gave it away. When they arrived at the Puppy Park, he concentrated on the area near the bench, while Eggers looked along the fenceline.

Scholtes split the winnings with Eggers. Both plan to use their Chamber bucks to support their hunting and fishing hobbies.

Eggers said this is the first year they've spent a lot of time looking for the medallion. He's already thinking about searching for the medallion during Worthington's Winterfest celebration in January.

"But that takes time away from ice fishing," he added.

Following are all of the clues, including the one that was to be published in today's paper, had the medallion not been found.

Clue No. 1

All of Worthington is rockin' this Turkey Day

As the big celebration gets underway

And you can find your way into town

But road construction may slow you down.

Clue No. 2

Now once you're past the barricade signs and cones

Head west on Oxford away from construction zones

Then go south on Park Avenue on towards the lake

Away from the Fairgrounds where rockers will shake.

Clue No. 3

You are getting closer to where I will be

Yes if you keep going you will find me

They're digging a pond off to the right

And building a big house, oh my, what a sight!

Clue No. 4

Out here a person can sit and just listen

The sun through the trees makes the leaves glisten

And Frisbees float by the path along the bay

Further down the path is where the school children play.

Clue No. 5

People bring their puppies to play and to bark

Here on the south edge of Olson Park

Hidden by a bench and out of sight

Look a little closer and find me you might!

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Julie Buntjer

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