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Road work continues through November in Nobles County road construction season

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Heavy machinery levels the fill material brought in for the new bicycle path along Nobles County 35 and Crailsheim Drive last Wednesday afternoon in Worthington. A Nobles County project, the path is scheduled to be completed sometime next spring.

WORTHINGTON -- Slow down -- road construction season is still in progress.

Local motorists have probably already noticed the construction projects underway along County State Aid Highways (C.S.A.H.) 10 and 35 near Worthington Middle School (WMS), but they might not be aware of the projects' goals or targeted completion dates.

"What we're doing is filling in the road ditch along the east side of C.S.A.H. 10/Crailsheim Road across from the middle school," said Steve Schnieder, Nobles County's Public Works Director. "That is where the new trail will go next year."

"We're also filling in the road ditch on the south side of Oxford Street/C.S.A.H. 35, and filling out the slope on that road's north side," Schnieder said.

In addition, curb and gutter will be installed on the north and south sides of Oxford Street/C.S.A.H. 35 from where it currently ends (near the entrance to Worthington Country Club) to the road's intersection with Crailsheim Road/C.S.A.H. 10.

"We will also continue soon with curb and gutter on the east side of C.S.A.H. 10 to Olson Park," Schnieder said. "That will probably start within the next week."

According to Schnieder, most of the fill material is already in place on C.S.A.H. 10 for the Nobles County trail system area, a project whose contract the Nobles County commissioners awarded to R & G Construction of Marshall on Aug. 7.

"A storm sewer crossing will be put in front of the middle school, too, likely on the school break later next week," Schnieder said. "Because C.S.A.H. 10/Crailsheim Road will be blocked off all of one day for that, we had to schedule it for a day when school wasn't in session."

Another effort will be the installation of a storm sewer line along the south side of Oxford Street/C.S.A.H. 35 this week and next week, to adjust drainage flow into an existing culvert.

The culvert will carry the water to the road's north side, into the Homewood Hills neighborhood.

"The water already runs there, but via a ditch at present, and since the ditch is now filled in for the bike trail, a storm sewer pipe needs to be installed," Schnieder explained.

"We anticipate the majority of the dirt, pipe work and manhole adjustments in the area will be done by the end of next week," Schnieder said. "After that, bituminous surfacing work will begin -- at the earliest, beginning Oct. 29, but more likely starting the first week of November.

"Yes, there is a lot of activity around there," he said. "Our anticipation is the project along C.S.A.H. 10 and 35 will be completed by Nov. 15 or 16, with just some clean-up work and seeding after that."

Dirt for the ditch filling has come from the storm water pond project on the Minnesota West Community and Technical College property.

"Everything is going well, and the weather has been good -- dusty, but not muddy, which means less mess," Schnieder said.

Two Nobles County bridges in other areas are also due for work before snow flies: one on the north side of I-90, south of the Worthington Municipal Airport, and the second west of the city of Kinbrae on C.S.A.H. 18.

"Each bridge will take about a week's worth of time to do, and that is likely to happen in early November," Schnieder said.

With all this construction work taking place, Schnieder is grateful for the region's current benign weather pattern, and he is fairly confident that, barring sudden weather changes or contractors' unexpected problems, these projects will be completed before holiday shopping begins in earnest.

"Normally we don't start getting snow and ice until later November, so we're still a month or more away from the winter season," Schnieder said optimistically. "So far, this is the best weather we could hope for on a project like this, and if we did get a little snow, it would likely melt pretty quickly."