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GuidePoint Pharmacy to open new store in Fulda

Ryan McGaughey/Daily Globe GuidePoint Pharmacy's Jason Turner poses Tuesday afternoon in front of his Worthington location.

WORTHINGTON -- Fulda-area residents will have the option of picking up their prescriptions closer to home beginning early next year.

Worthington-based GuidePoint Pharmacy owner/pharmacist Jason Turner announced he will open a new tele-pharmacy on Fulda's Main Street, with an anticipated debut date of Feb. 4, 2013.

"There hasn't been a full-time pharmacy in Fulda since the mid-1980s, and with the success of the town's two clinics -- the Murray County clinic two doors down from where we'll be, as well as the Avera Fulda Clinic -- it only makes sense to have a pharmacy nearby as well," said Turner.

"People have had to drive a minimum of 14 to 15 miles to have their prescriptions filled, so our presence in Fulda should help the long-term viability of the clinic there."

Turner explained that the Fulda GuidePoint location will be open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and that two employees -- including a certified pharmaceutical technician -- will be on site during those hours.

"It's a tele-pharmacy because a pharmacist will be present only part-time -- either one full day or two half-days each week -- but when a pharmacist isn't there, we will have a live audio/video link from Fulda to Worthington so a pharmacist can be consulted and review each prescription remotely with the aid of a high-definition camera," Turner said.

"The Minnesota State Board of Pharmacy carefully scrutinizes operations like this to ensure public safety," he added, "and by being in Fulda we will improve access to health care in an area that was previously underserved."

Turner acknowledges that a 15-mile drive might not sound like much to healthy, active people, but for the sick or infirm, being able to get the necessary prescriptions closer to home can be a lifesaver.

"To our customers, the pharmacy will look largely the same as our Worthington business does, with non-prescription health care items also available for sale," said Turner.

Fulda isn't the only town soon to be home to a GuidePoint Pharmacy; Turner shared that, in June or July 2013, a GuidePoint location will be attached to the new Murray County Clinic building currently under construction in Slayton.

"The Slayton store will be a fully staffed pharmacy," confirmed Turner.

Turner, a native of Storden who has worked as a pharmacist in Worthington since 1994, is hopeful his new pharmaceutical endeavors will serve the public and be successful.

"The feedback we've received about the Fulda site has been very good," said Turner. "People have been walking in off the street, thanking us for moving forward with the Fulda pharmacy."

Turner expects construction to start on the Fulda GuidePoint location, which will occupy the Doc Schwartz Variety Store building, within the next few weeks.

Asserted Turner, "I'm hopeful this will be a positive development in both Fulda and Slayton, and we plan to continue offering all of the same services in Worthington as we currently do."