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Jessica Noble meets Aaron Rodgers for commercial

Submitted Photo Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (back, center) is shown with Worthington State Farm Insurance agent Jessica Noble (back, right) and several children, all of whom participated in a State Farm commercial that premiered Sunday on national television.

WORTHINGTON -- Even though she's a devoted Minnesota Vikings fan, Jessica Noble couldn't help but be excited about meeting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

What's more, Noble -- a State Farm Insurance agent in Worthington -- got the opportunity to appear in a State Farm commercial with the NFL all-star and spent a day filming the ad with him in Green Bay, Wis. The advertisement premiered this past Sunday, airing nationally during the Packers-vs.-Indianapolis Colts game.

Noble never expected having the opportunity to meet Rodgers, much less appear in a TV commercial with him.

"Someone in the State Farm leadership nominates you, and then you actually have to audition," Noble explained. "You do a video conference and read different lines they give you, and then they choose.

"I'd originally read about a year and a half ago for another commercial ... it was the 'Jerry' commercial," said Noble, recalling an advertisement that included a State Farm agent talking to a man who had an unusual auto accident. "But this last time, they called me back, and they had me read on a Monday, the 27th of August. They called me the next day, and we (with husband Josh) left for Green Bay on Wednesday."

Noble first task for the advertisement was to work with producers to find the best outfit.

"They take pictures of you with every single outfit, and they also had me do pictures with glasses on and glasses off," she said. "They pick everything."

The following morning -- Thursday -- began with a casting call, and Noble was picked up and transported to an elementary school. The ad is set in a classroom, and it's career day.

"There are the teachers, myself and Aaron up front, and then a bunch of kids," Noble said. "There were also some other career people -- a fireman, a doctor, a police officer and a construction worker. But Aaron and I were the only non-actors in the commercial."

Work on the commercial continued from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. for what ended up as a 30-second piece. Noble said several takes were done in a number of different ways, adding late last week that she still had no idea how the final version of the commercial would look until only a few days before its initial airing.

As for what it was like to work with Rodgers, Noble came away with a highly positive impression.

"Aaron was a very cool guy," she said. "He was great, and he was kind to everyone. He wasn't arrogant and above everybody. Honestly, he just seemed normal."

Though Noble wasn't allowed to have pictures taken with Rodgers or ask for autographs, she ultimately did get him to sign his name for her two children.

She also took a little bit of good-natured ribbing about being a Vikings fan.

"He kind of gave me a hard time," Noble said. "But all in all, he was really gracious.

"For me, just the whole I experience was just great. When I walked out of that elementary school, I just felt so blessed. And the way everything I went together ... I was just very proud of State Farm."

The final version of the commercial can be viewed at

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