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Lismore Fire Department responds to 2 Saturday blazes

LISMORE -- The Lismore Fire Department had a busy evening Saturday, with two fire calls within about an hour -- and on the same road.

"Cory Avenue wasn't a very good road last night," said Lismore Fire Chief Jim Weidert.

The first call came at 6:23 p.m. from 19920 Cory Ave.

"The first one was a controlled burn that got out of hand," reported Weidert. "It got too hot and started getting too close to the house. It started some bales on fire by another out building."

Mutual aid was requested from the Adrian Fire Department.

The firefighters were just walking away from the fire hall when the second page went out dispatching the fire crew to 16711 Cory Ave.

"The second one was a garage fire," Weidert said. "We don't know what started it, an electrical fire in the back end of the garage."

The back third of the garage, which had a dog kennel, was destroyed by the blaze, and an adjacent storage shed sustained some smoke damage, Weidert said.

The firefighters were on the scene for 45 minutes to an hour, according to Weidert.