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Winterfest medallion found

Klaassen finds medallion

WORTHINGTON -- This morning, between dropping her kids off at school and going to work, Worthington's Angela Klaassen snagged the Worthington Winterfest medallion at the Centennial Park bridge.

The medallion hunt is sponsored by the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce through the marketing committee of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Klaassen said she has looked for the medallion in the past when having the opportunity. When she heard the clue Thursday morning, she said she thought she might know where it was hidden.

"I heard it on the radio this morning and figured there were only a few bridges in town," Klaassen said.

When Klaassen drove past Centennial Park, she noticed a lot of people in the area, looking in the bushes near the bridge.

She walked across the bridge and had decided to head back to her car when she noticed something green in one of the bushes right next to the bridge.

"One guy even said he saw it in the bush but thought it was garbage," she added.

Part of Worthington's annual Winterfest celebrations, the medallion hunt offers $100 in Chamber checks to the winner.

Klaassen isn't sure where she'll use the prize money for, but she said might save it for this summer.

"Although, I do need gas right now," she added with a laugh.

Had the medallion not been found, the last clue would have been published today:

"Along this hiking trail, in Centennial Park, please come before 5:00, or it will be too dark."

The medallion hunt has been a tradition since Winterfest started in Worthington five years ago. It's a way for more of the community to get involved in the excitement, said Ashley Goettig, a Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce employee.

"It's a fun activity for the community to take part in," Goettig said. "There's always excitement to see what the clue is every day."

Like many small-town traditions, the medallion hunt has become an anticipated winter event.

"I think people look forward to it every year," Goettig said.

Other Winterfest activities to look forward this weekend include the pond hockey tournament, ice fishing contest, 2-mile walk/run and Deep Freeze Dip, all taking place Saturday. A co-ed volleyball tournament and Evergreen Shoot hosted by the Southwest Bowbenders Club are set for Sunday.

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