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Event center, CAL focus of Worthington City Council meeting

Worthington City Hall (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- During its regular meeting Monday night, the Worthington City Council approved the solicitation of audio/visual system and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) for the event center.

The council also approved a change order and the furniture, fixtures and equipment budget for the Center for Active Living (CAL).

There were four changes made to the CAL, two which were necessary improvements that if not addressed would have impacted the final product. The other two were unforeseen conditions. The total of the changes was an increase of $5,444.

"We are still running well under budget in terms of what the contract was," council member Ron Wood said, adding that the total is still approximately $36,000 below what the contract was originally awarded.

The council approved equipment for the CAL, including kitchen items and other furniture as needed.

Among the items approved was the gym and racquetball floor buffering at a $6,800 cost.

One point of contention for the council was what to do with the basement area, which served as the weight room in the old YMCA.

Director of Community and Economic Development Brad Chapulis discussed a plan in which $15,000 would be spent to put panels in the basement.

The council discussed other alternatives, including putting carpet on the wall and constructing a wall.

"I think we need a comprehensive plan for that basement," council member Mike Kuhle said.

Worthington Mayor Alan Oberloh said there needed to be more discussion before a decision was made.

"I think we need more information," Oberloh said.

Currently, the construction plan calls for a finished and sealed concrete floor.

However, with the open space, the echoing of sound was an issue.

"We're going to have to make do with it for a while until the full plan can be in place," Oberloh said.

The council decided to wait on the issue of the basement until a later meeting.

The cost of the expenses will be taken from the $500,000 operating budget set aside during the original process.

The council also authorized to solicit quotes for the event center audio/visual system and to advertise for the FF&E.

For the audio/visual system, the budget and cost estimate is $50,000, while the FF&E budget is $300,000.

The FF&E included equipment for the kitchen, as well as the tables and chairs.

The question was raised about the comparison of laminated wood tables to plastic ones.

"How many years in the warranty on each and how much weight can it handle?" council member Ron Wood said.

A concern was brought up about rolling the plastic tables.

"There will be a cart, so they won't get rolled from the storage room to the ball room, it will be on a cart," Chapulis said.

They talked about separating the bid for the kitchen equipment.

"Do I have to bid everything through this to have my bid considered?" Oberloh said.

"I think we found there will be suppliers or a collaboration of companies for one bid. The area we would consider is the kitchen equipment from the rest of the stuff," Chapulis said.

The council approved the motion to allow the bids to come in separately.

Both bids for the event center will be considered at the Feb. 25 meeting.

In other news, the council:

* Approved work changes for the new fire station. The changes will be a deduction of $1,930.88 to the project.

* Listened to second reading about proposed ordinance for illuminated signs, which removed the restrictions that a sign is not greater than eight-and-a-half feet in height and the electronic message board is erected on a monument sign.

* Julia Berger was recognized for her work as the honorary council member.

"I think anyone interested in city government should come and learn," she said.

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