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Group launches new website for scholarship seekers

WORTHINGTON -- Through software from its parent organization, Scholarship America, Worthington Dollars for Scholars launched a new website Friday to connect local seniors with scholarship opportunities.

The website will give students a centralized place to apply for scholarship funds and provide access to more scholarships.

The website will allow students to create an online profile highlighting their achievements. They will then be notified when scholarship opportunitys they may qualify for arise.

In addition to downloading the application on the Worthington Dollars for Scholars website, applications may also be obtained at the Worthington High School Guidance Office.

All applications are due to the student services office at the Worthington High School by 3 p.m. March 15.

The application summarizes the student's relevant experiences and qualifications, including school achievement, demographic information, awards received, extracurricular involvement and employment history.

The final section is completed by a high school counselor or advisor and reviews the applicant's qualifications and future education choices. Transcript information also must be submitted.

Once the online profile is complete, applicants will then be matched to national and local scholarships for which they qualify.

The Worthington Dollars for Scholars website can also be used to find information about chapter updates, events and deadlines. It also includes links to information about education issues.

The website also provides students access to volunteer and internship opportunities that may be available, plus multiple financial aid and college success tools and resources.

A Worthington Dollars for Scholars press release describes the website as "giving students and parents a one-stop-shop for chapter scholarships, educational resources, opportunities and events."

As the nation's largest provider of private scholarships, Scholarship America helps students reach their higher education goals.

Scholarship America has distributed more than $2.7 billion in scholarship assistance to more than 1.8 million in the last 50 years. Dollars for Scholars is a national network of more than 1,000 local chapters.

Local volunteers run the program and help students in more than 3,000 communities across the country receive funds for higher education.

One unique scholarship opportunity offered by Scholarship America is its Dreamkeepers program.

Dreamkeepers helps students faced with unforeseen expenses, such as sudden car repairs, that threaten the financial ability to stay in school. The program helps students pay their bills and finish the school year.

In addition to the scholarship programs, Scholarship America also provides assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process.

Worthington Dollars for Scholars encourages students to develop their profiles early so they are alerted about scholarship opportunities in advance of deadlines.

For more information and to download the application, interested applicants can visit