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Two tidbits from local history

Here are a couple excerpts from "Nobles County History," by Al Goff (1958), which is being offered free with a new membership to NCHS:

The first is a story related by the Rev. Frank Peterson, about his brother, who arrived in Worthington in March 1972 to find no room available at the local hotel:

There now remained to him the choice of one of two things: either to stay out of doors that cold March night or seek the dugout of some homesteader on the prairie. He was told of one on the other side of Lake Ocheyedan, some four miles away, and lost no time in making a "bee line" for it over the trackless prairie.

Reaching the edge of the frozen lake he espied a mound which showed indications that it was the dugout of some settler. He went up to it and looked into the opening that served as a door, when out crawled a man who, black with soot and dirt, looked as though he had not washed since the lake froze over.

He was friendly, however, and expressed regret that he could not invite my brother to stay with him since there was not room in the dugout for two. This was found, upon inspection, to be true. He lived the same simple life as that of the gopher in his hole.

On a hot August evening in 1909, the Worthington Concert Band failed to appear for a scheduled concert. The leader was there, but it appeared that several of the young men of the gand were "girling."

The newspaper advised the young ladies to turn the fellows down on Monday nights.

"The public will expect it of the young ladies from this time further, and we sincerely hope that the young men will take a tumble to themselves before they get the lemon. They have got it coming."

Beth Rickers

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