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Luverne woman blocks away from Boston Marathon explosion

BOSTON -- The emotional high of watching his wife complete the Boston Marathon quickly vanished when Kyle Feit learned about the finish-line tragedy at the event Monday afternoon.

Kyle and Amy Feit, of Luverne, were in Boston Monday so Amy could compete for the first time in the prestigious marathon. They were joined by Kyle's sister, Tori, and her husband. Kyle and Tori are the children of Tom and Karen Feit of the rural Rushmore/Reading area.

"Amy had done a lot of training, and we'd had the trip planned for a long time," said Kyle via cellphone late Monday afternoon.

After finishing the race, Amy and her supporters had left the immediate finish-line area and were headed for their hotel when they heard the first explosion.

"We were probably a couple blocks away when we heard them," described Kyle. "We heard the first one, and obviously didn't know what it was, then the second one came pretty close afterward. At that time, we didn't know what it was, obviously, and so we didn't say anything more about it. We just kept walking, but we kept hearing sirens."

The Feit group entered the Boston public transportation system and didn't notice anything more out of the ordinary.

"Once we got off the train, my brother-in-law got a phone call from someone who said there had been an explosion, and then we started hearing other people talking about it at that time," Kyle said.

Despite difficulties with cellphone communications in the wake of the explosions, the Feits were able to contact their relatives back home and let them know they were OK and had received a few phone calls and text messages. When reached by the Daily Globe, they were eating supper at a restaurant and planned to return to their hotel.

"We're just happy that we're all OK, and we're praying for the victims," said Kyle.

Kyle is a member of the National Guard, and Amy is the director of customer support for a software company. They have two daughters, Brooke and Regan, who were not along on the trip.

Beth Rickers

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