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Out with the old, in with the new

WORTHINGTON -- It was time for a makeover at the Daily Globe.

For the first time since May 1997, this newspaper has a new look starting with this weekend's edition. Our new redesign represents the work of many people over many months, and our end goal has consistently been to deliver our readers a vastly improved paper in numerous ways.

"After 16 years, we knew it was more than time for a redesign," Daily Globe publisher Joni Harms said. "With all the changes going on in today's world, we thought it was time to present our print product in a new and exciting way. We've really looked forward to launching this and we've made several changes -- some will be very noticeable, others very subtle and others more behind the scenes."

The redesigned Daily Globe includes both new and "bigger and better" features, as well as some features that have been moved to new locations.

"On April 15, we started an advertising campaign stating it was 'time for a makeover,'" Harms said. "Each ad offered a hint of the redesigned newspaper we are introducing today."

Those hints -- given on a daily basis over a 12-issue period -- suggest what the new-look Daily Globe is offering readers:

* Space is nice: Take Friday's newspaper and put it next to today's. You'll notice there's significantly more space between columns and stories, allowing for an easier read.

* Curb appeal: Each front page -- both A1 and B1 -- has a new, updated flag at the top with a fresh color and typeface.

* Eye on the sky: We know our readers want to know about the weather, so we've made a big improvement here. Instead of giving weather information over two columns and in black and white, we're offering a six-column, full-color weather package every day, with Avera Medical Group Worthington serving as its sponsor.

* New resting place: Because of the enhanced weather package on page A2, we have relocated the obituaries and death notices -- as well as the police data -- to page A5.

* Enhance and improve: Regular daily pages -- such as Opinion and Lifestyles -- as well as special weekly pages -- such as Food, Agriculture, Reminiscing, Outdoors and others -- have new headers at the top. The fonts for the various types of headlines we use have also been changed; we feel they will be both eye-catching and easy to read.

* Easier to navigate: We've altered our index and other regular A1 features and put them in what we feel is a simple-to-read format. In addition, stories will regularly continue from page A1 onto A2 -- a simple flip of the page for our readers.

* Open concept: Space is indeed nice, and you'll notice this regardless of whether you're reading a weekend edition like today's -- which includes a "rail" down the left side of the page noting some of the issue's highlights -- or one published during the other days of the week.

* Renovate and upgrade: Front pages will be about much more than horizontal and vertical photos and new stories. In fact, we are committing to offering readers an eye-catching graphic or photo illustration on at a least a weekly basis. We feel doing this will give readers something to look forward to, as well as present the news in a different and interesting way.

* Room for diversions: We call our Diversions page our "total fun page," with all of our comics combined with all of our puzzles into one place. It should be noted that horoscopes have been moved to the Lifestyles page, and the TV grid moved to an anchored spot in Classifieds.

* Game on: In addition to the new header at the top of the sports section, we plan to use labels on B1 to indicate game scores; readers won't have to go into the story to find out who won and by how much. More graphics and photo illustrations are also planned for the sports section, too.

* Reveal: Here's our first new-look weekend edition; you'll see another new-look paper Monday.

* Enjoy!

Daily Globe Managing Editor Ryan McGaughey may be reached at 376-7320.

Ryan McGaughey

I first joined the Daily Globe in April 2001 as sports editor. I later became the news editor in November 2002, and the managing editor in August 2006. I'm originally from New York State, and am married with two children.

(507) 376-7320