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Area FFA teams excel at State

Worthington High School's FFA Meats team members (from left) Trevor Wietzema, Carson Hagen, Kirsten Aljets and Turner Hagen show off their first-place hardware earned recently at state competition. (BRIAN KORTHALS/DAILY GLOBE)1 / 12
The JCC Ag Mechanics team includes Kilen Warmka (from left), Nate Guggisberg, Spencer Johnson and Andrew Holmberg. Johnson earned first place individual. (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)2 / 12
The JCC Ag Sales team includes Shelby Benson, Bailey Schneekloth and Brady Place. Benson earned first place individual. (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)3 / 12
The JCC Food Science team includes Adriane Rentschler, Jenna Petersen, Haley Harnett, Sydnee Donnelli. Rentschler earned first place individual. (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)4 / 12
The JCC General Livestock team includes Gavin Mulder, Maggie Post, Paige Anderson and Cole Lusk. (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)5 / 12
Jaden Carlson, Pipestone Area, beef production entrepreneurship proficiency award winner (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)6 / 12
Photo courtesy Matt Addington7 / 12
Trevor Ruesch, Fulda FFA, earned third place in the diversified agricultural production proficiency. (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)8 / 12
Thomas Salentiny, Fulda FFA, earned third place in the forage production proficiency. (Photo courtesy Matt Addington)9 / 12
Rodney Vanden Bosch, Pipestone Area FFA, earned second place in the agricultural mechanics repair and maintenance entrepreneurship proficiency.10 / 12
Photo courtesy Matt Addington11 / 12
Laura Williams (left) of Fulda FFA and Kyle Edlin of JCC FFA earned first and second place, respectively in the vegetable production proficiency.12 / 12

ST. PAUL -- Eight FFA CDE teams from southwest Minnesota took top honors in the Minnesota FFA Convention contests one week ago at the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus.

Those teams have now earned the right to advance to the National FFA Convention for competition Oct. 30-Nov. 2 in Louisville, Ky.

At Worthington High School, the FFA Meats judging team garnered first place this year after finishing in second in the 2012 contest. Team member Turner Hagen was second high individual, followed by Kirsten Aljets, fourth high individual, Carson Hagen, eighth high individual and Trevor Wietzema, 10th high individual.

The meats contest was highly competitive for southwest Minnesota chapters, who took six of the top 10 team spots, including first, second, third, fifth, sixth and seventh place.

Following is a list of all CDE results from the Minnesota FFA Convention.

Ag Sales: Jackson County Central, first. Individuals: Shelby Benson, first; Brady Place, ninth; Bailey Schneekloth, 11th; Austin Olson, 47th. Worthington, eighth. Individual: Whitney Coriolan, 14th; Jacob Woll, 15th; Brandi Williams, 39th; and Peter Scholtes, 45th.

Ag Mechanics: Jackson County Central, first. Individuals: Spencer Johnson, first; Andrew Holmberg, second; Nate Guggisberg, third; Kilen Warmka, 37th. Mountain Lake, seventh. Individuals: Darby Harder, eighth; Josh Fast, 37th; Marco Sanchez, 38th; Tyler Dick, 54th. Luverne, 21st place. Individuals: Chris Hoogland, 45th; Chris DeGroot, 56th; Trevor Teal, 68th.

Creed: Rebecca Dose, Jackson County Central, second; Katie Rogers, Worthington, fourth.

Crops: Jackson County Central, second. Individuals: Brandon Schmit, fourth; Michelle Buresch, eighth; Patrick Tate, 16th; Scott Christopher, 30th. Southwest Star Concept, third. Individuals: Alyssa Hendrickson, ninth; Megan Haberman, 10th; Ashley Hendrickson, 13th; Hailey Schumacher, 83rd. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 16th. Individuals: Aaron Hass, 44th; Eli Gundermann, 52nd; Reed Bakken, 54th; Brody Williams, 56th. Worthington, 24th. Individuals: Katie Rogers, 38th; Ashley Jansma, 90th; Lauren Martin, 100th; Alex Thompson, 111th. Fulda, 35th. Individuals: Andrea Fuerstenberg, 81st; Ann Hart, 121st; and Sydney Cuperus, 122nd.

Dairy Cattle: Pipestone Area, 25th. Individuals: Mitchell Bobendrier, 47th; Adam Bierstedt, 62nd; Jacob Bierstedt, 73rd; Gavin Viland, 170th. Fulda, 36th. Individuals: Cole Dierks, 118th place; Jordan Clarke, 138th place; Jared Smith, 140th place; Trevor Ruesch, 174th place. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 41st. Individuals: Juliana Pederson, 108th; Maddie Johnson, 154th; Jacob Otto, 164th; A.J. Quade, 199th.

Dairy Handler: Kyle Viland, Pipestone Area, 12th place; Marcus Hinkeldey, Jackson County Central, 30th; Dustin Olsen, Pipestone Area, 35th.

Dairy Foods: Westbrook-Walnut Grove, second. Individuals: Megan Yang, seventh; Pakou Vue, 13th; Zua Her, 15th; and Affiny Her, 69th. Jackson County Central, 14th. Individuals: Angela Handzus, 37th; Kassidy Timmer, 59th; Hunter Klontz, 71st; Austin Hinkeldey, 78th. Red Rock Central, 29th. Individuals: Brooke Rasmussen, 83rd; Casey Engen, 87th; Hannah Sell, 108th; Taylor Willhite, 111th.

Discussion Meet: Tia Miller, Pipestone Area, second.

Extemporaneous speaking: Mariah Slocum, Worthington, Silver placing.

Farm Management: Mountain Lake, first. Individuals: Caleb Rempel, first; Daniel Harder, fourth, Hamlet Tanyavong, sixth; and Eric Niss, 22nd. Jackson County Central, second. Kyle Edlin, second; Matt Schmit, seventh; Josh Christoffer, 11th; and Kyle Christopher, 13th. Windom, fourth. Individuals: Rylea Minion, ninth; Amanda Muller, 10th; Blake Warner, 12th; Isaac Steele, 25th. Southwest Star Concept, 27th. Individuals: Matthew Poppe, 44th; Alex Baumann, 93rd; Samuel Sandbo, 100th.

Fish & Wildlife Management: Jackson County Central, third. Individuals: Jeremiah Flatgard, ninth; Samantha Swift, 12th; Jack Ziemer, 39th; Colton Timmer, 124th. Red Rock Central, ninth place team. Individuals: Payton Vold, 15th; Derick Christians, 27th; Brakken Bierl, 75th; Ryan Determan, 160th. Mountain Lake, 15th place team. Individuals: Andrew Hempeck, 28th; Tylor Duerksen, 64th; Hunter Quiring, 84th; Zach Frederickson, 161st. Worthington, 31st. Individuals: Blake Rogers, 48th; Seth Meier, 95th; Ryan Lee, 136th; Alex Kremer, 169th. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 33rd. Individuals: Meng Vang, 61st; Kao Xiong, 94th; Bank Vang, 123rd; Bee Xiong, 135th.

Floriculture: Windom, first. Individuals: Abby Resch, third; Spencer Wolter, fourth; Natalie Resch, seventh; Gabby Jensen, 23rd. Jackson County Central, second. Individuals: Carolyn Lovan, sixth; Megan Edlin, 13th; Rachel Kolander, 15th; Macy Kalfs, 26th. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, eighth. Individuals: Payton Determan, 18th; Sophie Horkey, 28th; Sawyer Helgeson, 49th; McKenzie Deprez, 64th. Mountain Lake, 12th. Individuals: Lydia Hildebrandt, 37th; Madelyn Regier, 41st; Carmen Syverson, 56th; Signey Stoesz, 88th. Worthington, 15th. Individuals: Sarah Machado, 47th; Karina Cuate, 50th; Morgan LeBrun, 78th; Hope DeNeui, 91st. Southwest Star Concept, 33rd. Individuals: Sarah Schmid, 98th; Kaylnn Droll, 110th; Selina Thatcher, 129th; Desiree Crews, 130th.

Forestry: Mountain Lake, fifth. Individuals: Adam Blomgren, eighth; Britton Pankratz, 16th; Kyle Blomgren, 20th; Alex Schultz, 24th. Jackson County Central, 14th. Individuals: Corri VanderWoude, 46th; Emma Lilleberg, 47th; Peter Nasby, 59th; Izaac Lucht, 69th. Fulda, 19th. Individuals: Christine Salentiny, 61st; Taylor Schettler, 65th; Katelyn Rennek, 76th. Worthington, 27th. Individuals: Joe Pavelko, 79th; Betsy Thompson, 89th; Andrew Nystrom, 108th; Allison Kremer, 114th.

Horse evaluation: Pipestone Area, 17th. Individuals: Madison Melby, 21st; Tessa Bucher, 68th; Dion Petroff, 94th and Karla Nelson, 108th. Luverne, 26th. Individuals: Andrea Severtson, 49th; Jessica Richters, 100th; Sierra Somnis, 111th. Jackson County Central, 45th. Individual: Ana Dunlavey, 31st. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 46th. Individual: Dina Vosberg, 46th.

Livestock: Jackson County Central, first. Individuals: Maggie Post, third; Cole Lusk, seventh; Paige Anderson, 12th; Gavin Mulder, 24th. Worthington, sixth. Individuals: Deron Soderholm, 31st; Cody Gravenhof, 44th; Greg Newman, 52nd; Paige Gravenhof, 103rd. Pipestone Area, seventh. Individuals: Jared Carlson, 30th; Jaden Carlson, 38th; Wesly Johnson, 53rd; Shantel Raatz, 91st. Southwest Star Concept, 13th. Individuals: Johnathon Hussong, 28th; Andrea Hinkeldey, 68th; Autumn Hinkeldey, 72nd; Kennedy Cummings, 183rd. Mountain Lake, 18th. Individuals: Daniel Oeltjenbruns, 32nd; Melanie Adrian, 55th; Olivia Hopwood, 153rd; Caitlin Oeltjenbruns, 155th. Red Rock Central, 19th. Individuals: Carlie Jackson, 60th; Libbey Warner, 64th; Nikki Mattison, 70th; Joshua Mattison, 123rd. Fulda, 44th. Individuals: Ethan Heintz, 110th; Justin Paulzine, 144th; Rylan Baumhoefner, 187th; Jocelyn Schreier, 188th.

Meats: Worthington, first. Pipestone Area, second. Individuals: Blake Wolters, third; Brady Bobendrier, fifth; Josh Homann, ninth; Bayley Colemer, 11th. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, third. Individuals: Andrew Merrick, first; Matt Otto, seventh; Levi Bunting, 15th; Tyler Schoborg, 31st. Fulda, fifth. Individuals: Mallory Pagel, 17th; John Getting, 18th; Kole Kramer, 33rd; Nathan Getting, 76th. Southwest Star Concept, sixth. Individuals: Brandon Thurk, 13th; Sonja Peters, 20th; Mary Poppe, 45th. Jackson County Central, seventh. Individuals: Justin Petersen, 16th; Angela Holthe, 19th; Taylor Boell, 37th; Kyanna Hall, 43rd. Red Rock Central, 12th. Individuals: Tegan Derickson, 29th; Lance Mattison, 35th; Miranda Harrison, 58th; and Ethan Derickson, 97th.

Nursery-Landscape: Worthington, third. Individuals: Laura Schuck, seventh; KC Riley, 12th; Brianna Kempema, 16th; Aubrey Anderson, 33rd. Jackson County Central, fourth. Individuals: Kristin Schulz, ninth; Brooke Arndt, 18th; Ashley Grussing, 27th; Kailey Keck, 34th. Mountain Lake, fifth. Individuals: Anna Engstrom, fourth; Sam Xayanourom, 19th; Ryan McCue, 45th; Michaela Cate, 69th. Southwest Star Concept, seventh. Individuals: Stuart Schumacher, fifth; Garrett Schumacher, 50th; Zach Schumacher, 53rd; Hunter Timko, 91st.

Parliamentary Procedure: Jackson County Central, Pipestone and Worthington each received Silver rankings.

Prepared public speaking: Emily Williamson, Worthington, sixth place.

Poultry: Fulda, second. Individuals: Suzanne Pagel, third; Brett Cuperus, eighth; Bennett Appel, 16th; Thomas Salentiny, 18th. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, third. Individuals: Zuag Paj Her, second; Kaylee Mischke, fourth; Seng Xiong, 49th; Tessa Busswitz, 69th. Red Rock Central, fifth. Dylan Piotter, ninth; Austin Price, 19th; Brady Bierl, 31st; Cassie Erickson, 67th. Pipestone Area, 22nd. Individuals: Andrew Bonine, 60th; Kelsey Weinkauf, 62nd; Cassie Richardson, 66th; Sarah Gorter, 100th.

Small Animals: Mountain Lake, fifth. Individuals: Mari Kremmin, fifth; Paige Brown, 28th; Andy Rojas, 49th; Briana Wolff, 110th. Jackson County Central, 16th. Individuals: Hannah Holmberg, 24th; Sydney Eddy, 75th; Elyse Johnson, 76th; Rachel Johnson, 87th. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 20th. Individuals: Kylee Jenniges, 50th; Hailey Ewy, 74th; Tarynn Dallenbach, 81st; Megan DeSmith, 102nd. Worthington, 40th. Individuals: McKenzie Kruse, 86th; Clara Solma, 133rd; Katherine Luke, 153rd; Tori Elsing, 154th.

Soils: Red Rock Central, second. Individuals: Westbrook-Walnut Grove, third. Individuals: Morgan Dennistoun, Abby Herding, Mariah Olson Elizabeth Woelber. Worthington, fourth. Individuals: Alex Tang, third; Miranda LeBrun, ninth; Desalegn Zemenfes, 59th; Vannaly Phannara, 75th. Jackson County Central, sixth. Individuals: Josh Thaemlitz, Tanner Post, Andrew Dose, Taylor Christopher.

Talent: Mountain Lake, Britton Pankratz, first. Luverne-Adrian, Madi Oye, second.

The FFA Convention also awarded the Minnesota FFA Degree to members who excelled in their Supervised Agricultural Experience. Recipients are listed by chapter:

Fulda: John Getting, Nathan Getting, Trevor Ruesch, Laura Williams.

Jackson County Central: Paige Anderson, Brady Bass, Joseph Boyer, Joshua Christoffer, Sydnee Donnelli, Kyle Edlin, Jenna Hartzler, Lexie Hoffman, Andrew Holmberg, Zachary Paulson, Jenna Petersen, Tanner Post, Adriane Rentschler, Jordan Snyder and Ethan Voss.

Luverne-Adrian: Gary Gertz.

Mountain Lake: Adam Blomgren, Kyle Blomgren Jr., Paige Brown, Darby Harder, Mariela Kremmin, Daniel Oeltjenbruns, Britton Pankratz, Krista Swoboda, Alex Schultz and Briana Wolff.

Murray County Central: Cole Jon Bly, Ashtin Scotting and Brett Simpson.

Pipestone Area: Jenny VandenBosch and Jaden Carlson

Windom Area: Jacob Johnson

Worthington: Kirsten Aljets, Keith Ailts, Turner Hagen, Morgan Harberts, Gregory Newman, Blake Rogers, Peter Scholtes, Deron Soderholm, Alexander Thompson and Brandi Williams

FFA Proficiency awards recognize top FFA members from across the state for their excellent recordkeeping in their chosen Supervised Agricultural Experience. From this area, recipients include:

Agricultural mechanics repair and maintenance entrepreneurship: Rodney VandenBosch, Pipestone Area, second.

Beef production entrepreneurship: Jaden Carlson, Pipestone Area, first.

Diversified agricultural production: Trevor Ruesch, Fulda, third.

Forage production: Thomas Salentiny, Fulda, third.

Vegetable production: Laura Williams, Fulda, first; Kyle Edlin, Jackson County Central, second.

Julie Buntjer

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