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Annual TAC rummage sale wraps up this week

Jacquelyn Banegas (from left), Alison Meyer and Kristina Garcia look at clothing Wednesday afternoon at the TAC sale in Worthington. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- The Achievement Center's annual sale at the Worthington Ice Arena is a feel-good event in more ways than one. Besides raising money for the center, the sale has also seen "many random acts of kindness," according to TAC Project Coordinator Gwen Klausen.

"One day, a very short customer was ready to check out, and the customer in line behind him payed his bill," related Klausen

This is just one example of the kindness and cheerfulness of both the customers and volunteers.

Randy Janssen, the salesman in charge of the furniture section, has enjoyed the hours he has put in at the annual sale, which is in its final days.

"I had fun. It brought back memories of what I used to do," Janssen said. "All of it will be gone by Friday. It's a good time and good money."

Klausen echoed his sentiments: "The volunteers always have a lot of fun. One even flies in from Oregon every year to do it."

This year's sale has "gone well, and business has been steady," said Klausen.

New items and clothes are still being brought out during the last two days of the sale, which ends Friday. Additionally, there is a "box sale" going through the end of the sale. A box or bag full of many items can be purchased for a set price.

All proceeds earned from the sale go directly to The Achievement Center, which helps disabled adults acquire skills and equipment they can use for jobs in the community and at the center.

Klausen also lauded the benevolence of the Worthington community after the April ice storm.

"As soon as the ice storm ended, the donations came in from all over," she said. "It has been awesome the way all the communities have stepped up."

Even more people will benefit from the donations after the fact, as a truck from the charity Justice for All will load everything they can take; a group of quilters will pick up sheets to use in their endeavors; children's books will be donated; and another church organization will take stuffed animals to use for Sunday school.

The remaining sale hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and Friday in the Worthington Ice Arena at the Nobles County Fairgrounds.