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WHS graduate Luke designs Regatta shirt

Elizabeth Luke wears the Regatta T-shirt she de-signed to promote the coming weekend's event on Sailboard Beach in Worthington. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- Attendees at this year's Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival will see a lot of green along Sailboard Beach.

Besides the venue's grass being a brilliant emerald thanks to recent rains, the 2013 Regatta T-shirt is an even more shocking lime hue. The eye-catching color was exactly what was envisioned by its designer, Elizabeth Luke. The recent Worthington High School graduate came up with the design as part of a school project.

"I was in an independent study, Graphics 3, with Mrs. (Gail) Holinka," explained Luke. "The Regatta T-shirt and Regatta bike ride were both projects that she had me work on."

Luke had previously designed shirts for several school-related endeavors, including the student council, tennis team and "Hairspray" musical theater production.

For her Regatta design, Luke had the challenge of combining the windsurfing and music aspects of the festival into one cohesive image.

"I searched sailboard on Google, looked for clip art, and found something that was the right shape," she explained. "Then I changed the colors to suit my purpose, and then I did the same thing with a guitar."

Initially, Luke came up with several concepts that she presented to the Regatta organizers.

"I had five or six different versions of the same color scheme with the sailboard and the sun and the guitar," she said. "Mrs. Holinka brought those to the Regatta committee, and they chose one, and I worked on it a bit more and perfected it.

"I knew I hadn't designed any green shirts, and I thought it would be a good bright summer color," she added.

Luke also received the nod on her design for the Bike ride shirt, so a lot of her wearable artwork will be on display throughout the weekend.

At this point in time, Luke isn't considering a career in graphic design, but she's hoping to incorporate her interest into whatever she does in the future. She will attend the University of Minnesota in the fall.

"I'm starting in the College of Liberal Arts, and I have English as a major right now," she said. "But I'm interested in taking a class or two to see if I could incorporate some sort of advertising or marketing."

Regatta Board President Ken Moser is pleased with Luke's eye-catching design, as the T-shirt serves as a marketing tool for the event as well as a fundraiser.

"It is a revenue source and a way for people to contribute to the event," Moser explained. "But really, the T-shirt has become a tradition like the Turkey Day 10K, in having a unique T-shirt every year, and people come back just to get the shirt. We try to have a fun artist rendition of something reflective of music and windsurfing. And it serves as marketing tool for us around the world.

"I, personally, was wearing my T-shirt in Minneapolis about five years ago," related Moser, "and someone who had participated in the Regatta stopped me and asked, 'Are you from Worthington?'"

The Regatta T-shirt is now available for purchase at the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, 1121 Third Ave.

During the Regatta, which begins Friday and continues through Sunday, the shirts will be sold in the Daily Globe tent along Sailboard Beach.

Daily Globe Features Editor Beth Rickers can be reached at 376-7327.

Beth Rickers

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