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School consolidation overwhelmingly approved

ROUND LAKE -- Unofficial election results for the proposed school consolidation between Round Lake District 516 and Brewster District 513 reveal approval of the consolidation by a substantial margin.

Polling took place from 3 to 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Round Lake High School Cafeteria and Brewster Elementary School Gymnasium. In Round Lake, 247 voters (93.5 percent) were in favor of consolidation, and 17 against. In Brewster, 288 voters (96.6 percent) were in favor, and 10 against. A 65 percent turnout was reported in Round Lake; a 62 percent turnout was reported in Brewster.

Both school boards will meet Monday at Round Lake/Brewster High School in Round Lake to canvass the election results and then certify the results to Nobles County Auditor/Treasurer Sharon Balster. The consolidation allows for the operation of a pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade elementary school and a sixth- through eighth-grade middle school.