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Central Elementary memorial to be completed

A commemoration of Worthington's Central Elementary building is shown Tuesday.1 / 2
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WORTHINGTON -- Worthington's Central Elementary school may be wiped off the map forever, but a permanent commemoration of its existence will be finished this summer.

"Last summer, we built the landscaping, the foundation and the sidewalk," said Southwest Housing Partnership Director of Construction Services Jorge Lopez.

The small memorial will include an important part of the elementary building.

"This summer, we are planning to install the cornerstone from the Central School, and place it on top of the foundation stone," Lopez explained. "There will also be a plaque attached to the foundation stone that will say, 'Former site of Central School."'

The plaque was affixed to the stone Tuesday. The site also includes a bench, which was recently installed, for curious pedestrians to rest on and perhaps contemplate the history of Worthington.

"There will be no formal dedication -- nothing fancy and major," Lopez said. "We just want to recognize that the school was there."