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Four feet too close, roundabout light poles must move

Light poles on the new Minnesota 60 roundabout need to be moved back to meet DOT standards. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- Light poles on the roundabout on Minnesota 60 were installed incorrectly and need to be relocated.

"We have four of them that are going to move back, just four feet back, is all," city of Worthington Electric Superintendent Pat Demuth said. "They got placed too close."

As crews have been working on sidewalks and paths along the newly reconstructed road, it was discovered the four poles were in the wrong position.

"There was some miscommunication between us and MnDOT," Demuth said. "MnDOT thought they were going in one spot, and we thought they were going in another. It's not necessarily MnDOT -- it's as much as ours as theirs."

The cost will be covered by the city.

"We'll pick that up," Demuth said. "It's four cement bases. You're talking under $200 and a few hours of labor. We're a contractor for MnDOT on all the lighting. Quite frankly, we are coming out just fine on all that stuff. We can afford to move them without causing an issue."

The poles were not only in the area where the new biking and walking trail was to be, but also too close for trucks turning.

"A truck scraped one," Demuth said. "It's too close on the turn radius. There was no damage to the pole. You can see a scrape mark, but there is no real damage."

Demuth and his crew were going to complete the work last week, but got delayed.

"Right now they are pouring sidewalks," he said. "That's where some of the confusion came in. They wanted it behind the sidewalks and that was 20-some feet back, and that's too far for the lighting. We just put them too close. Once they get the path or trail in place, we're going to go back."

Overall, Demuth said it wasn't that big of a deal.

"It happens," Demuth said. "There are four bases, and we are going to slide them back four or five feet to give them a little better turn radius if they go up over the curve. That roundabout is pretty tight."