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Nobles County to implement wheelage tax

WORTHINGTON -- Nobles County Commissioners on Tuesday voted 3-2 to implement a wheelage tax that could generate approximately $204,820 in additional funds for transportation projects in 2014.

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The tax was offered as an option to counties by the Minnesota Legislature this session to raise added revenue for road projects. Counties who choose to implement the tax will collect an additional $10 for each registered vehicle, with exceptions for motorcycles, mopeds, recreational vehicles, trailers, street rods, classic or collector cars, state-owned vehicles and tax-exempt vehicles.

The so-called user fee, had it been enacted by all counties statewide, could have generated approximately $46.8 million in its first year.

Nobles County Board Chair Bob Demuth Jr. said that as of last Thursday, just 27 counties had opted to implement the tax. Many counties were expected to take up the option during board meetings on Tuesday.