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Well water levels keep dropping

WORTHINGTON -- Worthington Public Utilities continues to monitor water levels in the city's well field, and a lack of rain in recent weeks has resulted in their further decline.

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WPU General Manager Scott Hain reported Friday that the water level in Well 26, the well used to gauge the health of the well field, dropped 4 inches in the last week.

It's the fourth straight week of declining water levels in Well 26, although this week did provide the smallest decline. In the last four weeks, water levels dropped 1 foot, 7 inches; 1 foot, 1 inch; 7 inches and now 4 inches.

The water level is now at 24 feet, 8 inches below ground, Hain said.

"As of today, we're 4 feet, 4 inches below the 10-year average for Well 26," he shared. "We'll keep watching things closely and praying for rain."