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5th and 6th grade group A reports on health class

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Students Learning about Health and Nutrition

By Marigel Gomez

I went to a health class yesterday. This class teaches students about health and nutrition. We watched them learn how to help a person that is choking. The students practiced the Heimlich maneuver on each other and on the baby dolls. We asked Holly Sieve, the teacher, questions about her class and how to stay healthy. Interviewer Etelberto Cervantes asked Sieve why nutrition is important.

          “It’s important to stay healthy and physically active and eat proper foods. It’s important to teach the kids about that stuff.”

          Next, the students got to make fruit kabobs and tried different healthy snacks from the food pyramid.

          The class seemed like it was full of good information for the students. Health is a very important thing to know about.