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7th and 8th grade group B reports on Yard Games

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We started in the classroom where our instructor told us what to do. Then we went outside and interviewed Dave about yard games. Alex asked “what is the blue jay cup is”,” it is like a trophy the highest team win it in each group A,B,C,D.  Then we asked “why do you like teaching yard games” and he said “they haven’t been alive for a decade or 2, so he wants to keep them alive”. Next we asked him what his favorite yard game is over all and it ended up being ladder golf and it is because it is a little bit challenging for him. Finally we asked him why he likes teaching us yard games he said “that he gets to be outside all day all week with some great awesome kids”.

Next we interviewed Ian one of Dave’s students at the time. We asked him “why do you like yard games”, he said “that he likes yard games because he can compete and can be a good sport no matter what the results are at the end”.

Then we decided to interview Nick last. We asked him “what is your favorite yard game is” and he said “his favorite yard game is Frisbee golf and he is “just to good””


Bailey, Alex, Madelyn, Jennifer, and Kendrick