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Tenth Street road work done

Jeremy Hoseck affixes temporary lane marker tape Tuesday afternoon in the middle of 10th Street in Worthington, not long after crews finished laying new asphalt. (Veasey Conway/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON — The repavement of 10th Street in downtown Worthington was nearly completed as of early Tuesday afternoon.

“They had a plant problem this morning,” Worthington Director of Engineering Dwayne Haffield said Tuesday morning. “But that’s running again and has for a little bit, so they should be paving again and wrap it up, unless there is another breakdown. It should be done today — the only thing that will be left will be striping.”

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The project actually went faster than anticipated, Haffield explained.

“They started milling last Wednesday,” he said. “They started paving Friday, Monday and Tuesday. The milling actually went a little quicker. We had anticipated up to three days milling and three days paving.

“The milling did not take that long. They were able to do good production. They brought in a couple mills, so the contractor did a quick job of it.”

The crews were able to continue working despite the heat of the past few days.

“The only problem we have with the heat really is that the pavement is going to stay vulnerable longer,” Haffield said. “It takes longer to cool down to when we can open up traffic. But otherwise, it shouldn’t hurt the long-term performance or anything.”

While the road was closed in front of businesses for some time, Haffield said the city was as proactive as possible to minimize the impact.

“We did send out letters earlier and have been working with the press and the Chamber of Commerce to keep people up to speed,” he said. “I think they were anticipating some interruptions in normal traffic patterns. We tried to come in here with a project that did the least amount of overall disruption.”

As far as other construction around Worthington, Haffield said that is also going as planned.

“Highway 59 is going along,” he said. “The contractors are working aggressively. At this point, we don’t expect any delays beyond what we already expected for the road closure.”

Downtown, Haffield said the road will be a great surface for King Turkey Day festivities.

“By Turkey Day, it should be a nice-looking pavement for everybody,” he said.

In fact, he said the pavement is so smooth, it could produce record-setting times for Paycheck, Worthington’s indomitable racing turkey.

“That’s possible,” he said. “Hopefully the trainers are working with him on a smooth pavement to give them an advantage.”