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Pigs now part of King Turkey Day picture

By Turk O'Day

My pal Paycheck is lookin’ pretty sharp on the cover of today’s King Turkey Day special section.

Think he looks good in his portrait? Just wait until he scampers down the recently resurfaced 10th Street on Saturday. After last year’s unfortunate Great Gobber Gallop debacle — during which my fine-feathered friend suffered a lopsided loss — I feel confident that Paycheck is prepared to kick some serious turkey tail. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, Ruby.

Heat No. 1 of the Gallop should bring both human and fowl followers of a couple of talented turkeys to downtown Worthington, but it sure sounds as if there’s going to be some more racing action the night before. If you can’t wait to watch the poults, check out the pigs.

That’s right, this year’s King Turkey Day (hear that, swine? It’s not King Pig Day!) is going to include a different kind of competition between some of my barnyard buddies. At 6 p.m. Friday out at the Nobles County Fairgrounds, the pig races will begin, and although I’m sure those oinkers will put on an outstanding performance, it remains to be seen if they’ll truly bring home the bacon.

There will be some kids games going on at the same time as the pig races, and apparently a hula-hoop contest, too. You wouldn’t want to see me try and do the hula hoop — I’m not nearly hip (ha ha!) enough.

In the meantime, I hope to see y’all out at tonight’s King Turkey Day Mixer. it’s from 5 to 9 at Pioneer Village, and among other things we’ll learn who this year’s Honorary Turkey is — honorary, because they’ll never be as much of a turkey as yours truly.