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KTD medallion found in Olson Park

King Turkey Day board president Dan Huls presents the lucky medallion finder Deb Meyer, Worthington, her check Thursday afternoon at the Chamber office in Worthington. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- During her afternoon stroll through Olson Park, Deb Meyer looked down as she often does. This time, however, something was different -- a bronze-colored coin came into view, resting up against a tree trunk alongside the new walking trail.

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The coin, dated 1990 and depicting a turkey on the run, was on the shady side of the tree, barely discernable from the bark in the background.

"When I called the (Chamber) office, I said, 'I think I found it. I don't know what else it could be,'" Meyer said Thursday afternoon after stopping at the Chamber of Commerce to claim her $100 Worthington Chamber bucks prize -- which came in the form of four $25 checks.

In her first year of searching for the medallion, Meyer joined a bunch of other medallion-seekers in Olson Park on Wednesday. She spent about an hour walking up and down the shoreline, watching as others closely inspected the area around the dock on Sunset Bay.

She hadn't planned to go out looking Thursday, but with such beautiful weather, she was tempted away from the computer class she was supposed to be working on.

"I decided to take a walk," Meyer said, adding that she lives near Olson Park.

She spent about 10 to 15 minutes looking -- again, with numerous other people also in the park searching for the medallion. Most were searching around the playground equipment, but Meyer stuck to the walking trail.

"I was just going to quit -- I was on my way home and then just happened to look down and there it was," she said. The medallion was found next to a large tree on the north side of Olson Park, near the shelter house and between the wooden bridge and Crailsheim Drive.

Rather than shout for joy and spoil the search for all of the others, Meyer swooped up the medallion and walked home.

"It was fun, but I never thought I'd find it," she said of her quest, adding that she'll probably give it a try again next year.

Ironically, Meyer has a long history with Worthington's King Turkey Day. The Meyer family -- now Deb's nephew -- has the last remaining turkey farm in Nobles County. She recalled Turkey Days from the early 1970s, when their family would bring turkeys into town and parade them down 10th Street.

The series of KTD Medallion clues, including what would have been Friday's clue, follows:

Come one, come all

King Turkey Day is always a ball.

Somewhere in the city the medallion rests

Snugged securely in a wooded nest.

The clues are written to unveil

And set you on the proper trail.

So down a trail you will go,

to find a treasure, as you know.

Out past the golf course & the Homestead

To find a place to park your bed.

Stop to rest, to picnic, or play

Bring your pole to fish all day.

Shelter, playground, benches and tables galore

Sit and admire the view from the shore.

When relaxing is all done

Don your sneakers for a Fun Run.

Just off the trail in Olson Park

Hidden in a tree with ruffled bark.

If you look about knee-height

You'll find the medallion in plain sight.

Julie Buntjer

Julie Buntjer joined the Globe newsroom in December 2003, after working more than nine years for weekly newspapers. A native of Worthington, she has a bachelor's degree in agriculture journalism. Find more of her stories of farm life, family and various other tidbits at

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