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Turkey tradition makes national news

By Turk O'Day

It would be cool if you could get odds in Vegas on the Great Gobbler Gallop.

You can’t, of course, and that’s probably for good reason. My buddy Paycheck is just that good. (OK, I realize that probably just got put up on the blackboard in Ruby Begonia’s locker room).

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Seriously, though, while it is fun to think about the wagering possibilities — Which bird would win the Worthington and Cuero heats, respectively? And by how many seconds or minutes? — in the end this annual showdown is merely a fun event that has generated considerable friendship and goodwill between two communities.

That’s something American Profile recognized last week. The nationally distributed magazine published a story titled “Great Gobbler Gallop: Minnesota and Texas Towns Race for Turkey Title,” and it’s a good review of last year’s Paycheck vs. Ruby clash and a reflection on the turkey tradition in general. Among those quoted in the piece are 2012 race team members Pete Suby (Paycheck) and Linda Nemec (Ruby), as well as former Daily Globe Editor Lew Hudson, who played a major role in the starting of the annual event back in 1973. You can read the story online at; scroll down to articles and click on “Great Gobbler Gallop.”

Today’s turkey race, of course, is scheduled to get under way at approximately 1:30 p.m. — or, a few moments after the conclusion of featured speaker Holly Hoffman’s remarks — along 10th Street. Then, after heat one of the Gallop is in books, the annual parade begins. And then, after the parade is done, there’s still plenty of fun to be had over at the Nobles County Fairgrounds, with plenty of activities for folks of all ages. For the full schedule, visit

I must admit that I’m a tad concerned about the weather forecast, but from my experience, a wet Turkey Day was still an awesome time. This year’s KTD will be great no matter what. In fact, you can bet on it.