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Friday Oktoberfest event first of its kind at Dayton House

Dan Wycoff, manager at the Worthington Municipal Liquor Store, poses with the type of glassware to be utilized during Friday’s Oktoberfest beer-tasting at the Historic Dayton House. Stella Artois will be one of the beers sampled during the event. (Ryan McGaughey/Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON — It may be somewhat more contained than the 180th Oktoberfest activities going on right now in Munich, Germany, but the parlors of the Historic Dayton House in Worthington will prove similarly merry from 4 to7 p.m. Friday.

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That’s when the 1890 property will host its first-ever Oktoberfest beer-tasting event, in collaboration with the Worthington Municipal Liquor Store.

“We’ve had very successful wine-tasting events at the Dayton House, so we’re following up on the numerous requests we’ve received for a similar type of activity focused on beer,” explained Dan Wycoff, Worthington Municipal Liquor Store manager.

“It should be a fun and inspiring evening.”

Structured to be slightly less formal and a bit more like an alternative happy hour than the wine-tastings, this Oktoberfest also aims to provide some education and awareness of beer qualities to attendees.

“We’ve chosen to offer European beers with outstanding taste profiles for sampling,” Wycoff said. “We plan to educate our guests on those taste profiles and pair them up with food samplings that complement the various beers.”

For example, one of the beers to be sampled is the Belgian Stella Artois, and every half hour Wycoff will demonstrate that brand’s distinctive nine-step pouring process.

“Come and have a good time — that’s the first priority — but gaining some information along with the food, beer and social interaction will also happen,” Wycoff said. “The atmosphere of the Dayton House really makes it all work.”

The food offered as part of the local Oktoberfest celebration sounds equally as tantalizing as the beer choices.

“The food options will include hummus and pita bread, barbecue chicken drummies, black bean salsa, tortilla pinwheels, cheese and meat skewers, cheeses and two desserts,” listed Colleen Bents, manager of the Historic Dayton House.

“People have responded really positively to the wine-tastings we’ve teamed up with Dan to offer in the past year,” Bents continued. “In fact, those have been quite successful and usually sell out.”

Bents said Oktoberfest guests will travel from room to room within the house, trying the various beers and nibbling the appetizers.

“It will be an informal, fun event in a classy setting,” assured Bents. “Oktoberfest is a great way to close out the work week and start the weekend.”

Attendees may purchase additional beer samples or bottles of beer on site, and wine will also be available for those who prefer it.

And just as often happens at the massive Oktoberfest celebration in Germany, guests will go home with commemorative glassware — and in the case of the Dayton House Oktoberfest, that will take the form of four collectible sampler glasses, according to Wycoff.

“We are offering a special social and entertainment opportunity in Worthington, and are simply responding to what many patrons have told us they are interested in seeing — a beer-tasting,” said Wycoff.

“This is one way we have of demonstrating a product selection that people maybe don’t know the liquor store carries or that they want to be able to taste first before buying,” he added. “Oktoberfest gives the public a fantastic opportunity to do just that.”

The Oktoberfest Beer-Tasting event takes place from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday at the Historic Dayton House, 1311 Fourth Ave., Worthington. Tickets must be purchased in advance at the Worthington Municipal Liquor Store, 1214 Diagonal Road, which is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Call 372-8620 for more information.