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W-2’s Quality Meats opens second shop in Luverne

W-2 co-owner Steve Wieneke holds packages of smoked meat at the new facility in Luverne. Brian Korthals/Daily Globe

LUVERNE — W-2’s Quality Meats of Worthington opened a second retail store in Luverne on March 10.

Owners Troy Wietzema and Steve Wieneke said the shop’s recent debut was the culmination of nearly two years of planning.

“This was pretty much a two-year process,” explained Wietzema. He and Wieneke, both experienced butchers and meat specialists, opened W-2’s original location on Worthington’s Oxford Street in July 2005.

“We were approached by a group of people from Luverne who were looking for something customer-service driven with the kinds of products that we offer, and we’d been looking for locations there ever since.

“We already had a lot of customers from that area, and more and more of them seemed to be saying, ‘We should have this in Luverne,’” Wietzema continued. “We decided to make it a reality after hearing that a few more times.”

Wieneke and Wietzema ultimately chose a site on Luverne’s main drag — the former Pit Stop near the intersection of Highway 75 and West Main Street.

“It’s a high traffic area, for sure,” Wietzema agreed. “The space was revamped for our purposes, with local contractors working in there from around mid-December to March 3.”

With the new W-2’s location, Wieneke and Wietzema have added two part-time employees, supplementing the two of them and their third full-time worker, Nathan Kraft.

“Steve [Wieneke] is now our main guy in Luverne, and I’m mostly in Worthington, but we talk two or three times every day and I was in Luverne a lot the first week to meet people,” said Wietzema.

W-2’s product line in Luverne is “nearly identical” to the offerings at their Worthington store.

“We grind our beef fresh daily — sometimes two to three times a day, depending on demand — and our pork is local, from JBS,” said Wietzema, adding that the Worthington site remains W-2’s primary production facility, as well as its smokehouse location.

W-2’s also offers fresh bratwurst and bratwurst patties in a variety of flavors, smoked bratwurst, custom smoked game birds, chicken, pork, turkey, beef and sausage products, fish and seafood, and smoked (and double-smoked) hams, bacon and more.

The Luverne location features buns and other items from the Edgerton Bakery, while the Worthington W-2’s sells Slayton Bakery products. Supplemental merchandise like seasonings, Bongards’ cheese, milk and condiments are also available.

“We accept custom orders, sell meat bundles, turkey breasts—everything is available if we have a little time,” said Wietzema. “Just ask us about special items. And at certain times of the year, we have seasonal things, like seasoned prime rib around Christmas.

“For Easter, hams are big, and we have a good stock of double-smoked hams on hand.”

Wietzema and Wieneke take seriously their commitment to quality products, excellent customer service and good value.

“It’s all about pleasing the customer, and offering a good quality product at a fair price, both in Luverne and Worthington,” said Wietzema. “We have service counters at both places, and we like informing and educating our customers, offering tips on product preparation and giving ideas on what to do with products people may not have tried before.

“We enjoy the customer education piece and are happy to have gambled a little, broadened our horizons and extended our service area.”

So far, Wietzema said customers at their Luverne shop have responded enthusiastically to their recipe of quality and service.

“People in Luverne have really taken off with the smoked meats—beef sticks, jerky, smoked brats and wieners,” said Wietzema. “It seems to be a great market for brats and smoked products, and we’re happy to be there.”

W-2’s Quality Meats is located at 220 West Main St., Luverne, 507-449-0039, and at 362 Oxford St., Worthington, 507-376-4001. The stores are open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.