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Several regional students quality for state speech meet

MARSHALL — The Pipestone speech team took first place and the Adrian speech team earned second in Section 3A competition April 5 at Southwest Minnesota State University.

Students placing third place or higher will compete today at the Minnesota State A Speech Tournament in Blaine.

Finalists in the sectional tournament were:

Creative Expression: 1. Allison Carmany, Yellow Medicine East; 2, Aaron Axford, Windom Area; 3. Dana Athmann, BOLD; 4, Tayla Sysavath, Pipestone Area; 5. Brooklyn Odell, Adrian; 6. Cheyenne Hill, Murray County Central.

Discussion: 1. Bailey Grussing, Adrian; 2. Knute Oldre, Luverne; 3. Sam Ykema, Luverne; 4. Spencer Wolter, Windom Area; 5. Taylor Homann, Pipestone Area. 6. Tristan Bergmann, Pipestone Area.

Dramatic Interpretation: 1. Courtney Place, Southwest United; 2. Zuag Paj Her, Westbrook-Walnut Grove; 3. Emily Axford, Windom Area; 4. Selena Herr, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton; 5. PaNhia Vang, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton; 6. Kalliope Milne, River Valley.

Duo Interpretation: 1. Katie Schwartz and Keyen Gardner, River Valley; 2. Ben Runck and Joe Pieschel, River Valley; 3. David Helsper and Ellen Munshower, Redwood Valley; 4. Hayden Goplen and Leah Schmitt, Canby; 5. Elizabeth Doom and Samantha Doom, Murray County Central; 6. Dena Souwankham and Kevin Tran, Adrian.

Extemporaneous Reading: 1. Amy Marohl, Montevideo; 2. Lexi Carstensen, Pipestone; 3. Heidi Bau, Murray County Central; 4. Brooke Thielbar, Luverne; 5. Sarita Hook, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton; 6. Andrea Tedrick, Murray County Central.

Extemporaneous Speaking: 1. Dylan Thorson, Luverne; 2. Madison Dibble, Fulda; 3. Joe Morgan, Pipestone Area; 4. Wes Biren, Murray County Central; 5. Kirk Morgan, Pipestone Area; 6. Walker Regier, Cedar Mountain.

Great Speeches: 1. Blake Warner, Windom Area; 2. Amber Preuss, Adrian; 3. Sydney Cuperus, Fulda; 4. Bryan Beltran, Adrian; 5. Anna Haper, Adrian; 6. Adam Martin, Murray County Central.

Humorous: 1. Sarah Dunn, River Valley; 2. Eden Nesburg, Cedar Mountain; 3. Jack Erickson, Murray County Central; 4. Micaela Erickson, Montevideo; 6. Reed Boettcher, Montevideo.

Informative Speaking: 1. Tommy McCarthy, Adrian; 2. Jodi Bents, Adrian; 3. Mitchell Moe, Montevideo; 4. Amanda Muller, Windom Area; 5. Taylor Kenney, Fulda; 6. Alexandra Wacker, Pipestone Area.

Original Oratory: 1. Malaya Saenlouangraj, Pipestone Area; 2. Emily Clarke, Lincoln HI; 3. Briana Schmidt, River Valley; 4. Annie Agrotis, Montevideo; 5. Nick Loosbrock, Adrian; 6. Brooke Grussing, Adrian.

Poetry: 1. Jacoby Hunt, Pipestone Area; 2. Noah Tiegs, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton; 3. Kristiane Montgomery, BOLD; 4. Maggie Godfrey, Redwood Valley; 5. Aaron Fest, Southwest United; 6. Harielle Hermia, Murray Country Central.

Prose: 1. Jarod Schiebout, Pipestone Area; 2. Kira Graber, Luverne; 3. Dillon John, Adrian; 4. Anthony McGee, Pipestone; 5. Millie Piper, Fulda; 6. McKenzie Sommers, Pipestone Area.

Storytelling: 1. Spencer Schacht, Luverne; 2. Molly Dunn, River Valley; 3. Sophia Spittle, Fulda; 4. Breanna Breberg, Murray County Central; 5. Anna Plotz, River Valley; 6. Peter Engels, Minneota.