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TAC sale continues through June 6

Volunteers Zyandra Schroeder (from left) and Justice Redding, both of Adrian, sort through piles of goods Friday morning at the Worthington Arena. Alex Purdy/Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON — “Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find.” 

Those are the words of The Achievement Center (TAC) Project Coordinator Gwen Clausen, talking about the annual TAC sale at the Worthington Arena.

Upon walking through the doors of the area on the Nobles County Fairgrounds, bargain shoppers will find anything they could ever want or need, and probably a little something more. From golf clubs to nutcrackers, from trap sets to trophies, there is something for everyone at the TAC sale. All proceeds of the sale go directly to The Achievement Center, which helps disabled adults learn skills that they can use for jobs in the community and at TAC.

This year, business has not been as brisk as in previous years, but has picked up.

“It started off a little slow,” TAC’s Facility and Marketing Manager Don Brands commented. “But in the past few days it has been building.”

Volunteers are plentiful at the arena, but TAC is always looking for more.

“We are always looking for more volunteers here, and we have free doughnuts,” Clausen said with a chuckle.

Volunteers have flown in from all over the country to work at the sale, hailing from Oregon to Massachusetts.

Jerry Krull, from Rushmore, has volunteered for TAC for 14 years.

“One day I came in to donate some items, and Gwen (Clausen) asked if I could help volunteer, and now I’ve been coming for 14 years,” Krull recalled.

Two Adrian high school students are also part of the volunteer force.

“I did it last year for NHS (National Honor Society), and I decided to come back because it keeps me out of trouble,” joked Justice Redding. “This year I decided to bring a friend.”

“Our community is just amazing,” Clausen said. “Earlier, we had someone buy six or seven dollars’ worth of stuff, and they wrote a check for $100. People in our community are amazing. Without them we couldn’t do this.”

The sale ends on June 6, and TAC’s silent auction ends on June 4. The hours of operation are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, although the sale will be closed on Memorial Day. The return of the “box and bag sale” will also happen toward the end of the sale, with a box or bag full of items sold for a set price.

“This place is full of treasures,” Clausen concluded. “Come here and find yours.”