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Seal coat work on streets begins Wednesday

WORTHINGTON — Seal coat work on various city streets is tentatively scheduled to begin Wednesday. Seal coat work will last roughly one hour per street location. All streets other than College Way, First Avenue Southwest, Kragness Avenue, Ray Drive, and Ryan’s Road will be closed to traffic during seal coating. 

Work can occur any time between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Citizens are asked to not park on the streets and to also relocate any sump pump water discharge from seal coat streets until the project is completed. Weather permitting and construction proceeding as planned, these listed streets should be seal coated on or before Thursday.

Seal coat street locations listed in anticipated order of work: Tower Street — 10th Avenue to Lake Street; Roos Avenue — Winifred Street to Diagonal Road; Marine Avenue — Clary Street to 330 feet south of Oxford Street; Ray Drive — Ryan’s Road to 600 feet south; Ryan’s Road — Ray Drive to U.S. 59; Castlewood Drive — Pauline Avenue to a point 610 feet west; Cecilee Street — Pauline Avenue to a point 290 feet west; Eleanor Street — Pauline Avenue to a point 290 feet west; Pauline Avenue — Cecilee Street to Eleanor Street; Kragness Avenue — Charles Avenue to 800 feet north of Okabena Street; Franklin Street — Sherwood Street to East Avenue; Sherwood Street — Nobles Street to Franklin Street; Trevor Street — Murray Avenue to East Avenue; Douglas Avenue at East Avenue curve; Douglas Avenue — Nobles Street to a point 320 feet north; East Avenue at Offtake Ditch; Morningside Drive — East and West end cul de sacs; Oak Street — Nobles County 35 to Circle Drive; Alley Block 12 — Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue; Alleys Block 28 NE and SW — Sixth Avenue to Seventh Avenue; Alley Block 30 — Seventh Avenue to Eighth Avenue; First Avenue Southwest — west of Knollwood Drive to near Pleasant Avenue; Fox Farm Road — North Crailsheim Road (Nobles County 10) to West Shore Drive; College Way — Thompson Avenue to North Crailsheim Road (Nobles County 10).