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Candidates file in area city and school district races

WORTHINGTON — The filing deadline has passed for local races this November. Several candidates have made their intentions known in both city and school board races. Those interested in rescinding their candidacy have until 5 p.m. today to do so. Below is a list of candidates in the area who filed for open seats:

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Nobles County


Mayor: Robert “Bob” Wiese

Council, four-year term: Joe Hornstein, Ronald Lonneman


Mayor: Brad Meester

Council, four-year term: Bob Paplow, Stacie Golombiecki


Mayor: Randy Schmitz

Council, four-year term: Ron Iverson, Larry Haberman, Russell Schuck


Mayor: Tasha Domeyer

Council, four-year term: Glenn Meester


Mayor: Gregg Harberts

Council, four-year term: Shirley Vis, Carol Hieronimus


Mayor: None

Council, four-year term: Jim Ballster, Travis Halbur

Council, two-year term: George Hoffman

ISD 511

School board, four-year term: Ed Lenz, Chris Wolf, Robert Kunkel Jr., Leslie Madison

ISD 505

School board, four-year term: Stan Kramer, Phil Kramer, Theane Pagel, Jason Appel

ISD 2907

Jay Peterson, Pamela Wendland, Jerry Luinenburg, Diane Larson

Cottonwood County

Bingham Lake

Mayor: Darren Kalvig, Mary Krumwiede

Council, four-year term: Marvin Bretzman, Trina Kalvig, Mark Redman


Mayor: Gary Richter

Council, four-year term: Darlene Arnsdorf, Rick Kastner

Mountain Lake

Mayor: Timothy Janzen, Mike Nelson, David Ryan Savage

Council, four-year term: D. David Dodge, Brian Schultz, Andrew Ysker

Council, two-year term (special election): Darla Kruser, Dean Sawatzky


Mayor: Dennis Phelps

Council, four-year term: Jan Johnson, Kelly Brown, Lawrence Carlson

Council, two-year term: Chadd Wahl


Council at Large, four-year term: Dominic Jones, Bradley Powers

Council Ward One, four-year term: Bryan Joyce

Council Ward Two, four-year term: Andy Harries, Paul A. Johnson

ISD 2884

District One, four-year term: Kelly Pfarr

District Two, four-year term: Troy Erickson, John Hansen

District Three, four-year term: Brenda Derickson, William Rogotzke

ISD 177

School board, four-year term: Travis Bretzman, Don Brugman, Rick Frederickson

Jackson County


Mayor: Wayne Walter

Council second ward, four-year term: Kenneth Temple, Dave Cushman, Jeff Gay


Mayor: Darrell Nissen

Council, four-year term: Andrea Monson, Bruce Bakalyar


Mayor: Brent Groen, Le Ann Warner

Council: Lance Haberman, Bill Vangsness

ISD 2895

School board, four-year term: Holli Arp, Rhonda Moore, Bradley Anderson, Ron Anderson

ISD 330

School board, four-year term: Mark Fest, John Vok

Murray County


Mayor: Jebediah Malone, Eugene Short

Council, four-year term: Jamie Lee Danneman, Robin Leonard, William Olivier Jr.


Mayor: Herbert Hansen

Council, four-year term: Angela Cohrs, JoAnn Shaw


Mayor: Chad Ouellette

Council, four-year term: Tim Strenge, Timothy J. Roberts, Ron Kellen


Mayor: Richard Like

Council, four-year term: Dave Paulis, Bonnie J. Petersen


Mayor: Marlene “Mert” Brown, Peter Ford

Council, four-year term: Lynn D. Paugh, Arlan Veld


Mayor: Miron Carney

Council, four-year term: Mark Boerboom, Tammy Buesing, Danial Jensen, Jason Kirchner, Lee Lokker

ISD 505

School board, four-year term: Stan Kramer, Phil Kramer, Theane Pagel, Jason Appel

ISD 2169

School board, four-year term: Tony Clark, Daniel Woldt, Thomas Mesner

Pipestone County


Mayor: Jason Snyder, Denny Bleyenburg

Council, four-year term: Brent Duttoux, Dave Hulstein, Ron Williams, Del Hulstein, Derek Krosschell


Mayor: None

Council: None


Mayor: Mike Baustian, Marc D. Hall

Council, four-year term: Pete Johnson, Karen Damman, Mark Sanow, Anthony A. Klein, Jeff Leslie


Mayor: Laurie Ness

Council, four-year term: Rodger Smidt, Jim Stout

ISD 2689

School board, two-year term: Kristin Ploeger, Jennifer Martens, Brad Carson, James Skyberg

School board, four-year term: Wendy Claussen-Schoolmeester, Jeff Baatz, Leann Blumendaal, Tami Taubert, Tim H, Paulson, Chad Williamson

Rock County


Council, four-year term: Alan Leenderts, Dave Ripperda


Mayor: Delbert Gangestad

Council, four-year term: Keith Hoven, Clare Vande Velde, Paul Tweet


Mayor: Patrick Baustian

Council Ward One, four-year term: Caroline Thorson

Council Ward Two, four-year term: Kevin Aaker

Council Ward Two special election, two-year term: Eugene Marshall


Mayor: Melvin VanBatavia

Council, four-year term: Robert Sandbulte, Brad Bosch

ISD 2184

School board, two-year term: Shelley Sandbulte, Randy Perkins

School board, four-year term: Lori Witte, Jodi Bosch, Eric Hartman, Kaie Baustian, Reva Sehr

Robin Baumgarn

Robin Baumgarn is a new reporter for the Daily Globe covering the Education and Northwest Iowa beats. Prior to coming to the Globe, she worked for the Ocheyedan Press-Melvin News, a weekly Iowa paper for three years. She is a 2012 graduate of Iowa Lakes Community College and lives in Northwest Iowa with her husband Ryan and three pets, Fidget, Missy and Samwise.

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