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Dundee farm settled by Gehls in 1901

Elaine and Elden Gehl stand with their recently received Minnesota Century Farm sign in front of the oldest building on the farm, their home.

DUNDEE — The Elden Gehl farm of rural Dundee is one of multiple area properties being recognized as a century farm this summer.

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In 1901, the Gehl ancestors relocated to the Nobles County area. “They originally came from Germany, and I think they settled down in Iowa first. Later, they went up into Minnesota and established the farm in 1901,” explained Gehl.

The original family owners, Hans and Emma Gehl, owned and operated the farm for an impressive amount of time — 49 years, from 1901 to 1950. Since then, Gehl family descendants have operated the farm.

Although the days of his ancestors are long gone, one portion of their legacy remains. “The house was built in 1901, and we live in the same house today. We put one addition onto it, but other than that, it is pretty much the same,” said Gehl.

Over the last 113 years, the farm’s acreage has expanded as well. “It was 270-some acres originally, and it is up to a half section (320 acres),” detailed Gehl.

 In the beginning, Gehl heard about the Minnesota Century Farm program through friends and family, and inquired further through the Extension office. “That’s where the ball got rolling,” stated Gehl.

With any luck, the ball will keep rolling for decades to come. “I’ve got some sons that are starting to stick their noses in here, and the farm will hopefully keep going to the next generation.”