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Pegasus GC extends business to Worthington

WORTHINGTON -- Worthington became home to a new computer business about five months earlier than originally planned.

Pegasus GC opened in Slayton in November and planned to open a store in Worthington this summer.

"We had the finances and the resources to open a lot sooner than we thought," said co-owner Kevin Tufvander. "People have been coming to Slayton from Worthington because they were tired of waiting to get their computer fixed."

Tufvander and his wife, Sarah, along with Dale Frisvold have been in business together for more than a year.

"The plan is to have 10 stores in Minnesota in two years," Tufvander said.

Pegasus GC, located on Fourth Avenue in downtown Worthington, opened Feb. 4. The owners plan to open their next store in International Falls in June.

"I like Worthington," Tufvander said. "We've had a lot of good feedback already."

Pegasus GC is a full-service computer store. They sell new and refurbished computers, offer Web site design and management, networking and of course, computer repairs. Sarah Tufvander is finishing classes to be an authorized QuickBooks representative. She will be able to set up QuickBooks and perform necessary repairs for businesses.

"Refurbished computers are a big thing," Tufvander said. "They are a lot less expensive, and they're still good, solid machines."

The company prides itself on its service.

"A lot of big companies stopped catering to the customer," Tufvander said. "We aren't like that. We do callbacks and make sure our customers like what they bought."

When a person drops off a computer that needs repairs, he or she can expect to have it back in one to two days.

"Unless something is majorly wrong, the computer is usually done the next day," Tufvander said. "The turn around time is very short."

For people who are not able to bring their computer to the store, Pegasus GC offers free pickup and delivery of computers in the Worthington city limits. The business will also set up computers that they sell for free within the city limits. When a person buys a computer from the store, Pegasus GC provides free data transfer from the old computer and will install software for no charge.

A full-time manager will start at the Worthington office today, and a full-time tech will begin next week. The Slayton office has one part-time tech and is hiring another one soon. The owners will continue to share their time between the two stores.

Pegasus GC is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The phone number is 343-9630.