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Flynn opens new law practice

Jesse Flynn stands outside his new office on Third Avenue in Worthington.

WORTHINGTON -- Being a lawyer is in Jesse Flynn's blood.

The son of a retired judge, Flynn is taking the next step in his career -- starting his own practice.

"I'm nervous, but excited at the same time," Flynn said Friday morning. "Having worked here for five years and getting that experience, that really helps. That gives me a lot of confidence going out on my own."

As of Friday, Flynn was employed by Ahlquist & Wiltrout in Worthington.

"I grew up here and my family has lived here forever, my grandparents and great-grandparents even," Flynn said. "I went away to school, I went to college at St. John's University in Collegeville and I went to law school at Hamline. After law school, I came down here and that was in August 2007."

For the past five years, Flynn has worked at the firm in downtown Worthington.

But he's now making a move a few blocks away. Starting today, Flynn will have his own practice.

"I think part of it is I'd like to do more in the areas of probate and estate planning," Flynn said. "I think there is a big need for that in town."

Flynn had been thinking about starting his own practice for about six months now. He found an office on Third Avenue in the same building as attorney Larry Lucht.

It was the same building his father, Jeffrey Flynn, used as an office years ago.

"He's retired now, but he's still working once in a while as a retired judge," Jesse said of his father. "He's an excellent resource because he went through the same thing. He started his own practice, too, and it's actually in the same building."

After graduating from Worthington High School in 1999, Jesse went off to college and law school. He and his wife, Heather, have a one-and-a-half-year-old son, Lucas.

When he graduated, he came back to Worthington. However, having his father as a presiding judge caused Jesse to spend more time in the office and less time in court to avoid conflicts of interest.

"When I came back here, he, of course, was the judge," Jesse said. "Practicing law here, I couldn't do much courtroom stuff. That was actually fine with me because my position here, they had a lot of real estate work to do. That's really why they hired me here and it turns out, I really like to do real estate. That worked out perfect because in the real estate practice, you don't go into the courtroom a lot. It was a really good fit."

Growing up with a lawyer as a father, Jesse was exposed to law at an early age.

"It was a big influence," Jesse said. "He really encouraged me to go to law school. Because before he was a judge, he was more in civil practice and he liked that. He was up in the cities for a while, but then he came back here and practiced for a few years until he went on the bench in 1984."

Being the son of a judge leaves big shoes to fill.

"People always ask if I'm going to follow in his footsteps," Jesse said. "I don't like the criminal stuff and that's mostly what he did. I like more of the office practice, the real estate."

Jesse's main interest is in real estate -- something he became interested in while in law school.

"They make you take a wide variety of classes," he explained. "I still have all my books. When I started taking real estate classes, I thought, hey, I kind of like this."

Specializing in real estate has a lot of different aspects, including dealing with titles.

"A lot of it is title opinions," Jesse said. "If you're going to buy a property, you want to make sure you have good title. What I do is I examine title to make sure that's good. Not only for you, as a buyer, but also for banks. If they are going to loan you money on a property, they want to make sure you have good title in case they have to foreclose on your loan."

And while Jesse can practice any type of law, he believes specializing in a particular area is beneficial.

"Lawyers can practice in any area you want," he said. "But I think more and more, lawyers are specializing in certain fields, which I think is an advantage to clients. If you get an attorney who practices in a lot of different areas, maybe they don't spend enough time in your area. I think that specialization actually helps clients because if you practice in that area, then you're up on the law and you know how to represent them."

Jesse Flynn's law office, which is located at 906 Third Ave., Worthington, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Flynn's office can be contacted at (507) 372-2620.

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