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Davis Typewriter adds another store

WORTHINGTON -- Davis Typewriter has purchased another office supply store, Rylin Office Technology, in Estherville, Iowa. The previous owner, Rod Foster will be joining the Davis Typewriter team.

It is the third store acquired by the local company in just the past two years. In 2011, Davis Typewriter acquired Southwest Office Supply in Pipestone, and the office supply division of the Livewire in Jackson.

Davis Typewriter has been in the acquisition mode in southwest Minnesota, looking to broaden the company's product offerings and daily distribution services to customers. It sold off its copier division in 2010 and has since changed its internal business focus.

Davis Typewriter is a family-owned business with 28 full-time employees. Davis Typewriter is known for delivering exceptional value in the office supply, office furniture, custom printing and janitorial lines of products it sells.