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Bring items, get cash

Collectors Roadshow appraiser Barbara Wright (right) poses as a customer Wednesday morning at Worthington's Travelodge Hotel.

WORTHINGTON -- The Worthington area has another golden opportunity to cash in on whatever valuables may be hiding in their homes this week, as the Collectors Roadshow and Electronics Buy Back Event will be at the Worthington Travelodge Hotel from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. through Saturday.

"We are here to buy gold and silver, flat-screen TVs and sterling flatware, among other things," six-year veteran appraiser Barbara Wright said.

The Collectors Roadshow, which is based out of Lincoln, Ill.,, travels across the country to buy everything from antique guitars to war memorabilia.

"We also buy all coins 1965 and older, as well as costume jewelry," Wright said.

The Roadshow pays all sellers in cash, Wright said,

"The cash could pay for a night out, gas money or even more," she added. "People may not realize what they have around the house -- if you're not sure, just bring it in. The whole process takes 10 or 15 minutes."