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Scam targets the college-bound

Now is the season when students are preparing for college by filling out applications and taking the required tests. Scam artists are taking advantage of this time by phoning families with bogus sales of college entrance exam study materials.

Scammers "...ask to sell you resources so you can do better on your test," according Perham High School principal, John Rutten.

They claim to be from A.C.T (American College Testing), an organization that gives out high school assessment tests. The scammers ask for information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers. Families that have been called never receive any study materials. There have been incidences of this phone scam for the past two weeks.

Brian Nelson, Perham's police chief, had recently received a call from the phone scammer. He said the caller was offering study materials and even mentioned his son's name. The scammers may sound very persuasive and reputable.

Luckily, Nelson recognized the scam, said "No thank you" and hung up.

If this type of call is received, Nelson advised to never give out social security numbers or credit card numbers. This information must be protected to prevent identity theft.

He said that if the call was not personally initiated, do not buy anything over the phone. Always make sure that the business is reputable. The best courses of action are to hang up, or try to identify the caller's phone number to give to the police.