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Board sets February referendum date

Man charged after impregnating minor

WORTHINGTON -- Bennito Matias, 20, of Brewster, was charged this week in Nobles County District Court with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, almost a year after he allegedly had consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The complaint states the girl gave birth to a baby in August. A parent contacted authorities in October, and an officer met with the girl.

She named Matias as the father of her baby and said she had told him she was 17 when they met. They allegedly dated two to three weeks, until she told him she was 15 and he broke up with her. By the time she realized she was pregnant, they were no longer together.

The girl related to the officer that she told Matias she was pregnant, and he worried because he was older, but said he would help out.

The officer was unable to contact Matias by phone, but ran into him in town and made arrangements to meet with him. Matias, however, did not show up for the meeting.

He is scheduled to make a first court appearance Dec. 30 at the Prairie Justice Center, Worthington.